Kenzo Amour I Love U fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit
  • Heart

    • peach blossom, violet, rose
  • Base

    • musk, cedar

Latest Reviews of Kenzo Amour I Love U

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The opening of Kenzo Amour I Love U makes me think of a sparkling juicy pear. It's a scent full of delight. It's until later that I manage to discern grapefruit and peach.

Then comes the powdery violet and rose. They soon reach to full blossom. Grapefruit lingers and gives a kick to freshen up the flowers. Though I find it very pleasant, I can hardly relate it with the original Amour. If I have to choose a line to release it, I might choose Flower for the powdery violet and rose, or Flower Tag for the citrus kick among flowers.

After 2 hours, the fragrance dries down to a woody musky scent with slight fruity-floral caracter. While the opening still has some sillage, the drydown is very close to skin. It's comforting, but I still wish the fruity-floral part could last longer as it's sweet yet refreshing.

Overall it's a lovely powdery fruity-floral fragrance. Certainly not ground-breaking, but easy to appreciate. A relatively safe option as gifts IMO.
20th December 2018