Kenzo Amour Florale fragrance notes

  • Head

    • neroli, grapfruit, cassie, cardamom
  • Heart

    • frangipani blossom, rose, gardenia
  • Base

    • cedarwood, musk

Latest Reviews of Kenzo Amour Florale

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Lovely floral fragrance, perfect for spring and summer.
29th April 2013
Neroli and citrus on the gas pedal at the start, followed by a green jasmine that must go elsewhere to earn its keep. I've come across its kind in far too many recent releases and I'm not buying.

18th June 2012

I liked the original powdery and sweet Kenzo Amour, however it turned sickly with my chemistry. I had decided to try Kenzo Amour Florale in hopes that it would somehow suit me better.

The florals in this fragrance are very fresh yet strong. When I first sprayed Kenzo Amour Florale on a tester card, I was amazed by how strong the sillage was on just the card alone.

Summer and Spring seem like the perfect seasons to wear this fragrance. I'll admit that the grapefruit, black currant, frangipani and gardenia, although pleasant, do have a slightly synthetic edge, which to some may be off-putting.

I don't mind the plasticy type smell. In fact, I rather love it. The array of fresh florals in this fragrance are quite lovely. The scent is rounded off with mostly musk, which makes for a soft and feminine drydown.

I liked this fragrance so much on paper that I decided to test on my skin. Alas, once again the scent turned on me, creating something rather bitter and sour, a little like off milk. I was not too impressed. However it was due to my chemistry and not the fragrance itself.

The scent lasts and lasts, and as I mentioned before, the sillage is particularly strong. For those that can wear these kinds of scents, I envy you.

7th August 2011
To me this is Fleurs de Citronnier by Serge Lutens made smoother. The Neroli is not as sharp and the musk comes in more prominent doses. An improved version of an already beautiful little beast!
13th December 2010
Pretty and typical. Nothing to write home about. got it as a free sample but doesn't hold a candle to original Amour
1st September 2009
How KAF is successful: Uses some of my favorite notes; creates some initial attraction in me. How it fails: Has that ubiquitous, modern "department store" element all the mainstream perfumers seem to be using; maintains a certain monotony.Sometimes I just look to the heavens and wonder, "Is it just me?"
2nd August 2009