Kenneth Cole Energy fragrance notes

  • Head

    • neroli, orange blossom, magnolia
  • Heart

    • tuberose, night-blooming jasmine
  • Base

    • vetiver, sandalwood, musk

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Actually, I think I like Energy the best out of all three "layering" fragrances (Energy, Intensity, Serenity). I love the green smell with the neroli, orange, tuberose, magnolia, and jasmine. It reminds me a little bit of Paul Sebastian's Kinetic (don't know if that's still available, but probably not). For being such a light green fragrance, it seems to last all day, so the performance is great, as well as the longevity and sillage. I could still smells it on my clothes the next day when it took me aback and I asked myself what is that wonderful fresh smell. Anyway, I think I'll keep it in my wardrobe at this time, and for the current selling price ($22 on FragranceNet), I just might buy a few extra bottles. (For some reason Intensity and Serenity are selling for $80 on some sites.) Smells GREAT when layered with Issey Miyake's Soleil De Neroli!!!
26th June 2021
Ok.. so this immediately reminded me of Antonio by Antonio Banderas. It's a distinctive sour woodsy smell. There's a lot of orange blossom or neroli in the top, giving a citrusy, but also powdery vibe.

It smells ok. I'm not, nor have I ever been a fan of fragrances like this. Antonio, Porsche Titan, some of those sour citruses it reminds me of.. and maybe a little like L'Envol EDP. Not my favorite from the series. I get 4-5 hours longevity, and above average projection in the first 30 minutes.
19th February 2021

"Energy" might not be the best name for this scent. It's too laid back for that name. For some reason "Energy" has me thinking of a bright, citrusy scent or something even in the "sporty" genre. However, KC intended for this to be a unisex, layering scent and I think they nailed that part of the marketing.

It has what I like to call the "hairspray smell", something I associate from my days growing up in the 80's and early 90's. It's that light, airy, synthetic-clean floral that you find in scents from Juliette Has a Gun and other houses that offer up simple, "minimal" scents.
4th November 2020