The company says: 

Taking its name from the ancient word for "Egypt", Kemi is inspired by the same country. Home to the most legendary sorcerers, ancient Egypt is at the heart of this scent.

Enigmatic in spirit with a gourmand character, this rich and magical fragrance blends soft caramel and cedar wood with rare Laotian oud and vanilla.

Kemi fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Atlas Cedarwood, laotian oud
  • Heart

    • Gurjum Balsam, atlas cedarwood, Castoreum, Civet
  • Base

    • Australian Sandalwood, Vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Kemi

This is Kemi Blending Magic with a slight twist, but essentially the same fragrance.
Very loud and in your face, oud and vanillaic caramel thing. The blend is smooth and enthralling, especially if you can detect the civet and castoreum AND you are fan of those notes. The oud complements very well...this is one to sample if not buy.
9th April 2023