Kelly Calèche Eau de Toilette 
Hermès (2007)

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Reviews of Kelly Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

There are 59 reviews of Kelly Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès.

A trick that Jean-Claude Ellena did is to make us think that Kelly Caleche is the modern version, the updated younger version, of the venerable Caleche. That it is aimed primarily for younger women (as the ad says) is a misdirection. Because, honestly, this is unisex.
Which of course verifies that fume-heads are not totally so fixated on "genderizing" scent!

This opens green/vegetal even, but of roses (and not the jammy ones). The effluvia of floral notes is turned down as the mix of lily of the valley, mimosa and tuberose is tempered by iris, giving it a tone of grey or beige, instead of pink. The floral heart is there. But it is fresh and green. Not indolic.
And finally, the leather dry-down. This is suede. Of the finest kind, similar to Daim Blond but without the peach note. This leather is not butch. Not harsh or rough. This is leather expressed in a surfeit of elegance. And if you happen to have smelled Rose & Cuir (Frederic Malle), you will sense their uncanny similarities.

This really is unisex, this is apropos for ladies and men of discerning taste and style.

Highly recommended!
Jun 28, 2020

It’s strange to get a smell that should be strong but is so soft. I get a stable smell, not really floral, but that’s may be because of the name. It’s really different from anything else so I give it a positive review, but something is wrong on me.
Nov 29, 2018

Light Blue Dancers by Edgar Degas 1882
Sep 1, 2017

I get a really strong lily of the valley, mimosa, and piney-geranium scent. If that is what you are looking for I strongly recommend it for a nice delicate floral.

I was hoping for more full bodied rose, tuberose, and leather. I was disappointed.
Jan 2, 2017

My husband and I had a fairly modest wedding, but we spent a lot of money on the food and the cake. This should tell you something about our values. I took a similar approach to my dress. I bought something white (more or less) off the rack at a boutique. Then I splashed out a ridiculous amount of money on a great pair of shoes. They really are gorgeous--handmade, satin uppers, with these unbelievable soles. You can really see where they were sculpted and stitched. (They still hurt after 8 hours' standing in them, but pumps will do that). When I first opened it, the smell that came out of that box was not the usual industrial leather scent I'm used to smelling in my shoes. It was sharper, cleaner, and (looking back on it) probably custom.

I recognize that leather in Kelley Caléche. It surprised me when I first caught it, because I couldn't place it. I was busy trying to smell anything resembling rose in the extrait I have, and getting caught up in the freshness of the geranium and greenery. I feel like Ellena really let himself go a little crazy here, because these aren't his usual attenuated florals. This is, actually, downright exuberant for him. Everything smells lush and complete.

And then you get the leather, the very very expensive, clean leather. It smells a little saline and slightly clammy. It also smells like it would be the palest beige, with impeccable matching tiny stitches--the insole of a satin shoe, or the lining of a handbag, everything just so--tissues, lipstick, not much else. Then the fresh geranium (a chic but also modest flower) rejoins the leather, with a breath of peppery leaves, and the whole thing seems to weave and dance as you breathe it in.

I usually like my leathers down and dirty, so I'm as surprised as anyone that this appeals to me. Ellena's updates of classical models sometimes don't move me, but this one, in this formulation, smells delightful and vivacious. The extrait strength of this is currently available for not much money, and is well worth seeking out--a nice bit of luxury leather that won't make your feet hurt.
Jul 9, 2016


HERMES always knows how to make a Sophisticated Feminine fragrance yet Playful and Insouciant by injecting modern touches which put a youthful spin in your step.KELLY CALECHE is an eloquent but delicate scent that compliments your femininity at any age. Graceful,Feminine,Fresh,Unpredictable,Cute, Modern,Floral and Cheerful.

An opulent and fresh scent in the first by Grapefruit is sparkling and accord with Green Notes over a Soft and Lovely floral heart comprised Rose and Tuberose and a Woody and Clean base notes due Iris and especially Leather that makes a Great urban scent and you'll be very surprised as to many compliments you'll receive.

The leather really stands out in this fragrance.the best seasons for this EDT would be SPRING/SUMMER.It is suitable for DAYTIME use.I would recommend it to any Young Ladies looking to make a change or any man who wants their lady to smell beautiful.Absolutely new innovation.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

May 24, 2015

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