Keep Glazed fragrance notes

  • Head

    • frozen lemon, mango, strawberry leaf
  • Heart

    • chantilly cream, grated coconut, ginger crumble
  • Base

    • fruity musk, precious woods

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This is mostly as the notes described. I get the ginger married with lemon in a urinous tangle that's bizarre but not altogether unpleasant. The fruit is there but doesn't present as mango so much as pineapple to my nose, which might be the coconut tricking my brain. I'm not sure what "fruity" musk is, but musk it is, present but not overly assertive. The woods are subtle, warm, smooth; I often get a dry raspy feeling in my palate with woods, but that's non-existent here. It's definitely a sweet gourmand, but I don't quite get patisserie from it. It's overall a very nice blend, but not outstanding, and not very interesting or original. Good quality, but probably not worth the price tag. A tentative thumbs up because I'm sure it would be great to quite a few gourmand fans.
19th March 2022
LOTS of mango - a sugared mango. Very sweet & sour. Mango and lemon keeps it tart and cuts through the sugary sweetness. It actually smells lovely, juicy and yummy. Quite girly, too, in a summery Escada way, but richer and deeper. The lemony mango seems quite realistic, like a summer cocktail. It doesn't smell neither original nor classy, but it's definitely cheerful and very delicious.
9th June 2021