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Kate Spade (2002)

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Reviews of Kate Spade Beauty by Kate Spade

There are 6 reviews of Kate Spade Beauty by Kate Spade.

Absolutely love this bouquet of white flowers! Considering the reviews it apparently depends a lot to your chemistry. On me it has a fresh gardenia start and develops into deeper tones, more a heavy rose than honeysuckle though. Unfortunately it never lasted very long. I wear this to parties and stand out with this fresh floral when most people wear heavy musk and woody scents.
Oct 20, 2010

A very feminine scent of honeysuckle, gardenia ,lily of the valley, tuberose and jasmine. It begins gardenia- tuberose and then becomes lighter and fresher with lily of the valley and mostly honeysuckle. Quite enduring in longevity .I love the honeysuckle, I miss the gardenia as it fades and I dislike the muguet ! Still I feel I could wear this . A 'pretty' scent.
Jun 1, 2010

I remember as a child holding a bunch of fresh white jasmine petals in my hands and breathing them in and I knew that one day I would want a perfume smelling exactly like them. Since I was a teenager, I have tried smelling many perfumes with Jasmine/Jasmin in their names, hoping to evoke the senses of my fresh jasmines. I found them all to be synthetic or not jasmine. Disappointment after disappointment, until I came across Kate Spade. Kate Spade is the only fragrance I have ever come across the smells like real fresh jasmines plucked off their stems. Soft, sublime, feminine, sexy, and just beautiful. Most jasmine scent perfumes will hit you over the head with a strong bat, which is not the essence of a true jasmine scent. Kate Spade captures the essence of true jasmine petals, soft and beautiful.
May 2, 2009

Like honeysuckle? Bright fresh honeysuckle and green tea and citrus fruits. Transitions are very subtle- is this a single accord fragrance? I have met few scents that change so dramatically from person to person. Try before you buy.
Sep 25, 2008

I'm not entirely clear on how honeysuckle is supposed to be represented in a fragrance, but I can tell you what impression Kate Spade's floral made on me: Laboratory lilac with the tiniest pinch of orange blossom. Awfully strong (maybe I applied too heavily?) with little development over the time.
Oct 28, 2006

This EDP is so very heavy & cloyingly honeysuckle, that I cannot stand to wear it. This parfum smells EXACTLY LIKE- (no kidding) an exact replica of Avon's long discontinued "Pur Blanca" & is a bit like a bad EL 'Beyond Paradise' (if you could imagine one worse). On others this might be okay, but with my chemistry it stinks. I really wanted to like it & I did try :(
Feb 13, 2006

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