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Reviews of Kate by Kate Moss

There are 8 reviews of Kate by Kate Moss.

I love the rose & patchouli combination. This is a poor girl's version of Bulgari's Rose Essentiale, which is my absolute favorite. Interesting note that Kate Moss was the model for Bulgari Rose. My husband loves this, so I wear it for him. I haven't seen Kate's other fragrances state-side, but I look forward to smelling them.
May 31, 2011

When I think of this fragrance, I remember being 17 and running up to the perfume counter every day just to douse myself in this scent. I'm not sure why I never bought it, (I'm guessing my Britney Spears fragrance obsession finally took over), but I managed to forget all about it and eventually lose interest. Today I had to refresh my memory.

At first sniff I can understand why I used to love it so much, however it is very different from the fragrances I now own. It's soft, subtle and rosy; extremely feminine and flowery. Vastly different from my loud gourmands and deeply sensual fragrances.

I wouldn't say that this fragrance smells cheap, but it is however rather common and unimaginative. The lasting power is this fragrance's major downfall. Within only a few minutes of applying, this scent had almost completely disappeared.

I read in one review, a girl describing this fragrance as being "nice but forgettable", and I totally agree with that statement. For lovers of soft and delicate rose scents or perhaps people wanting a lighter version of Stella by Stella McCartney, give this scent a try, you may just like it.

Apr 27, 2011

It may sound strange, by I never thought I would give a celebuscent such a good rating. A floral which is not sickly sweet at all - a rare quality nowadays. Plus, aside from the good lasting power, it tends to gradually turn into a powdery and mysterious final note. A soon-to-be-classic, also available at a fairly good price
Nov 16, 2010

I love this perfume and it even got my 'fragrance free' mums nostrils going. I agree with an earlier comment that it doesn't last long enough however it isn't expensive (and doesn't smell cheap may I add) so I carry it in my handbag on a night out and add an extra dose every now and then. Better than smelling of the pub. It's sweet, light and a touch of musk. Probably a good present for a teenager rather than a grandma as it is quite 'girly'
Jun 29, 2010

I love Kate, but as a model. This smells really like a cheap perfume. Anyway I keep on trying it but not wearing it...
Aug 26, 2009

This has a great scent when sprayed, wears off quickly....Much more impressed by Velvet Hour
Nov 22, 2008

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