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Reviews of Kashkha by Swiss Arabian Perfumery

There are 3 reviews of Kashkha by Swiss Arabian Perfumery.

I'd fancied trying Kashkha for a long time, and was recently thrilled to find 3ml decants of the pure perfume oil online. My decant arrived this morning, and so far, I really don't know what to make of this fragrance: straight out of the bottle, it smells like nasty, aggressive apple shampoo. On my skin, it softened very quickly and some lovely chypre notes appeared, which reminded me of some of the older Dior fragrances. The apple notes were still in evidence, but far less aggressive and shampoo-ish.

On this single wearing, I think Kashkha is probably suited to spring or early autumn; it was 0C here today when I wore it, and I probably didn't get the best from this fragrance. I'm going to keep my decant until spring, and try it again then. I'll update my review when I have; until then it gets a neutral.
Nov 30, 2017

Fabulous! I would describe this as a Powdery Wood scent. Oud, cardamom, saffron, cedar, sandalwood, and amber are the star notes, to my nose.

I finally figured out how this wood scent comes off as powdery, almost creamy -- it is the musk.
Feb 4, 2017

A reflection of your unique personality.it is a captivating perfume which has been blended to perfection by using the best quality essential oils.very intimate from saffron yet strong,warm,deep penetrating scent of eastern rose&oud oil with sandalwood.everything about this perfume is elegant from box,to bottle,to scent.the freshness and warmth its composition makes it ideal for every occasion. Creamy,Passionate,Enticing,Pleasurable,Woody,Floral, Strong,Effectively Unisex and Highly Oriental.

It starts sweet,aromatic and quite strong with oud dominating and cardamom it seduces with its spicy,floral heart of rose and saffron.the sultry ripeness of roses is highlighted by the creamy sandalwood and cedar which lends the composition a insinuating sensuality.perfect for oriental lovers.the scent is too strong for day wear.totally KASHKHA is smooth yet potent spicy rose&oud make the people you walk past look back in awe.a definite must for any oriental perfume collection.worth a try.


Longevity?Superb on my skin.

Jul 16, 2016

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