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Much more complex than the stunted notes list suggests, Kapsule Woody is, at its core, an ionone perfume, with bright violets over suede. There's a rich, complex blast in the topnotes - a mix of plum, rose, buttery sandalwood, iris, and ozone - that calls to mind a postmodern take on Feminite Du Bois, or possibly what you'd get if Creed did a version of Egoiste, but it gets pushed out of the way within an hour by the violets and suede, at which point Kapsule Woody smells like a traditional Cuir De Russie mixed with a lipstick iris. The drydown is nice, if a bit weak compared to the louder topnotes - a mix of vanilla, cinnamon pie spices, and the abstract woody creaminess of iso e super melting into the lingering suede and iris.

In all, this is quite well done, and is definitely one of the best perfume values out there while you can still find it heavily discounted online. It's extremely difficult to find anything else that smells this good for around $30, so try it while you can...
20th February 2019

I own many fragrances such as Creed Aventus, Chanel Colognes, Pure Malt along with 30 other nice scents however I never received compliments like I've received while wearing Kapsule- Woody.

I purchased Kapsule-Woody last week from an outlet mall and the first time I wore this scent my wife kept telling me how nice I smelled. Now I've worn many fragrances around her but I've "never" received attention from her regarding a scent that I've worn.

It gets better. I decided to try this scent in the office this week and it didn't take long for woman to notice this hidden jewel. A very attractive woman that I work with gave me a compliment that amazed me! She walk over to my desk yesterday and said "you smell really good today." She's never done that before. My only regret is not buying this fragrance earlier.

There's something about Kapsule's dry down that women really love! I've only had this scent for a week and the compliments just keep coming!

Because of the reasonable price this is a definite blind buy.

1st December 2012

This was a blind buy for me, based on the reputation of Oliver Cresp, reviews on Basenotes and the very reasonable price tag (£17.99 for 75ml/2.5oz).

I get the pruney-plum note quite strongly in the opening, as well as the hint of acetone that someone mentioned. The softer sweet-savory accord of woods and moss are close behind. It does exactly what it says on the bottle and with average sillage and longevity, it is a very pleasant and wearable frag.

I'm not totally in love with it, nor do I dislike it. Neutral is my rating today but this juice sits somewhere between thumbs sideways and thumbs up for me.
24th November 2012
Aromatic in a sweet-fruity way. Highly synthetic verging on metallic. No natural greens here. Quickly becomes tiresome.
4th November 2012
I like this almost delicate woodsy scent. I get visions of traipsing through a wet pine forest just as dusk. There seems to be a bit of an earthy flower underfoot getting crushed and releasing a whiff of green and fresh into the air. And there is a bit of spice bush in there as well. It all mixes into a pleasent, refreshing woods scent.

This one plays well with others. I like a spritz mixed with, gasp, the new formulation of Poison--gives the new sweet bomb version a bit of lacking depth of character.

And on my sheets at night before bed? *loverly* as my friend used to say!
20th March 2012
Well, perhaps I've unwittingly become an iso-E-super slut, but I have to say that I like KAPSULE WOODY a lot! The plum and the wood mingle together enticingly with the moss (though it does not really seem like oakmoss to me, nor is evernia prunastri listed among the ingredients).

By far my favorite of the KAPSULE trio, WOODY is fully unisex to my nose. I do find this one a bit different from the usual woody colognes out there, primarily because of the plum. Somehow I'm getting a bit of an emergent incense vibe out of the deceptively simple line-up of notes.

Same gorgeous bottle, this time in a tealish blue. Splendid!!!! Even the sleek brushed-aluminum cap feels and looks nice. Love the geometry and aesthetics of the whole presentation. Kudos to Karl & Co. for not neglecting the all-important details all-too-often overlooked.
13th November 2011
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