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A fresher take on the Hermes Ambre Narguile genre, sort of like Tobacco Vanille (ashy pipe tobacco constructed out of cedar and chrysanthemum) with the vanilla replaced by sweet fruits and flowers, so it's a bit more feminine and a lot more bright. It's also reminiscent of CK One Shock for Him, but with the abstract designer sheen replaced by a whole lot of clove and that Joop cherry cough syrup note.

This lacks the richness in the base that makes Tobacco Vanille or Ambre Narguille special, but that's forgivable for the price.
10th April 2019
Uggh, much too sweet! Violet should be a piercing silvery note, ivy leaf should be crunchy-green, black tea should be tannic and interesting.
None of the above. A pralined bon-bon. Vanilla and amber. Bleh.
4th November 2012

I bought this about 2years ago. The very second i sprayed this, i went to Dunkin Donuts and was greeted by a random stranger expressing how much he loved this fragrance...Super Underrated fragrance. I have 51 cologne bottles and this one is ranked #2 in my collection.
10th June 2012
This scent is lovely but it's the development that makes it gorgeous. The drydown is especially deep and gorgeous and lingers for hours & hours. It lasts all day and I can usually smell it the next morning. There have to be more notes than the three described; I smell a hint of dark fruit (plum?) and some wood notes in the base. It's great layered with Kapsule Woody but my favorite combo is Kapsule Floriental w/a light mist of Coty Wild Woods (a great all purpose woodifier, if you haven't tried it.) Available on the cheap.
12th May 2012
Lagerfeld KAPSULE FLORIENTAL comes in a gorgeous red bottle, but the composition has a rather creamy yellow feeling to me, falling somewhere in between KAPSULE WOODY and Henri Bendel VANILLA FLOWER. Surely there's more to this perfume than violet, tea, and ivy? I'd add wood, possibly tobacco leaf, and vanilla, for starters. This is not very floral, but it does seem more feminine than the other two members of the trio.

FLORIENTAL is a gentle, not-too-sweet, not-too-spicy oriental perfume, with a softness vaguely reminiscent of Jill Sander Style Pastel SOFT YELLOW--but perhaps without the benzoin and with a touch more wood? Although this perfume is not all that original, it has a soothing and warm quality which makes it suitable for cooler weather. I am going to try mixing it with the other two KAPSULES and see how that goes.
13th November 2011
Sweet flowery woodsy scent with touches of dark spices. Violets too but they are not too harsh in this like Fahrenheit. More like the violet/vetiver accord from Curve for Men. But the overall powderiness of the woods in Floriental subdues all the other notes in the scent. More or less a sweeter version of Kapsule Woody. Longevity problems 2-4 hours it seems.
14th October 2009
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