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Reviews of Kalemat by Arabian Oud

There are 17 reviews of Kalemat by Arabian Oud.

Soft syrupy sweet woodsy base with a bitter green, balsamic herbsy top. And apple skins / hookah pipe? Very eclectic. Top and bottom are chalk and cheese, and don’t play nicely - like a freshly baked flapjack with crushed fresh basil leaves on it. It’s just a bit odd...
Mar 25, 2019

It's not bad. It smells to my nose basically of tobacco and oud. It's actually a fairly light scent. Kalemat Black is much better in my opinion. Projection is moderate but on the lighter side while longevity is also moderate.

Jun 22, 2018

After now trying Kalemat (by Arabian Oud) a couple of times, I can confirm, in large part, the consensus that it's very similar to 24 Gold by Scentstory and Raghba by Lattafa Perfumes.

Mainly a mix of honey, amber, vanilla, and woods, Kalemat is not quite a gourmand but nonetheless quite sweet and resinous, and only traces of bitterness exist to counteract the creamy blend of most of the other elements. I really don't get the blueberry, anise, or rosemary.

Comparing to the other two fragrances, Kalemat is less tip-of-the-tongue sweet than 24 Gold (definitely) and even Raghba (slightly), so it's deeper and reveals more in the dry down as far as an amber/wood blend than its two counterparts.

Performance-wise, Kalemat is superior to both 24 Gold and Raghba, with 24 Gold being better than Raghba. Kalemat's superior is more in the longevity than projection, I'd say.

Price-wise, Kalemat is $120 for 100ml in the Arabian Oud store in Times Square (NYC), while it's slightly less expensive on eBay, at $85. For the same volume, 25 Gold is about $55 and Raghba is under $30. And while very similar to one another, my preference probably falls in line with the pricing: Kalemat, 24 Gold, then Raghba.

This might lead some to believe that Raghba isn't worthwhile, but it all depends on price. It's a slight challenge to justify spending several times Raghba's cost on Kalemat, but such is the task of any fragrance fan justifying any cost. For now, it'll be food for thought for me.

8 out of 10
Jan 9, 2017

Greetings Kalemat Fans

It's obvious that the vast majority will
agree (100%= vast majority..ya?) that this fragrance is quite pleasant
as well as classy.

I've nothing really new to add save the fact that I've smelled this before.

I'll be right back (don't touch that dial).

Yup, to my nose, on my skin, IMHO ya.. ya. get on with it:

First.. You'll need a fancy colored perfume bottle.

Then add one part 24 Gold (thanks JH) to one part Perris Monte Carlo
Bois D'Oud.

Let coalesce for 1-3 minutes

Lastly, throw in your SCOTTISH Shortbread cookie(s) & leave it in a cool dark cabinet that's undoubtedly in a smoke free, pet free (nothing against pets) home and apply to pulse points as needed; sorry...craved.


I've worn this 3 days in a row and every day I wore it...
it earned me 1.5 pounds of body weight. Ok fat.

Great scent for this time of year.
Of course I'd rock this on the Sun. It's that good- to my nose, on my skin, IMHO, ya ya ...

Projection -very good
Longevity - well above average


PS for an actual review, pick any below ;)
Dec 15, 2016

Stardate 20161003:

I got a decant of this cause people told me it is like Jubilation XXV. The only similarity I found was that both are from Middle -East based houses and both are excellent fragrances.
The incense plays well with the sweet base and anise and rosemary adds, what my coworker alludes to as prickliness.
I wish it was less pricklish but you cannot get everything.

Kalemat is rough compared to XXV (which is much better composed and blended) but if you like the mid-east style just get a FB.

The longevity is amazing (24hr +) and sillage above average. I dont know what is out there now, given reformulation chatter, but the initial batches should be good
Oct 3, 2016

The opening is like Honeyed Vanilla Ice cream with some berries served in a Agar wood cup.

After 45 minutes as you start finishing the ice cream the oud note from the cup starts intensifying with a hint of antiseptic solution in the background.
Not a fan of this phase lasting to about 5-6 hours.

In the final phase the musk intensifies with vanilla & a hint of oud.
Love the opening & the dry down after 5 hours.

I do not wear it much as I do not feel confident while wearing it. Cannot pin point Why...??

Its a good fragrance to sniff once in a while.

Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 10/10


Aug 27, 2016

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