Just Oud fragrance notes

  • Head

    • raspberry, saffron
  • Heart

    • rose, geranium
  • Base

    • amber, oud, incense, white musk

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Latest Reviews of Just Oud

This is what I discern as a 'typical' middle eastern scent, although I'm not at all an expert (total neophyte here actually). At the start, raspberry is slightly discernible and rose adds some sweetness to the powerful oud and incense.
The Amber, oud and incense is pretty linear throughout and only a slight development from the top notes.
It's very pleasing to my senses but I guess not many in the west would appreciate it.
I just like it as it's totally different from many of the frags that are universally available in the west.
I probably wouldn't wear it in a business/work environment unless I was meeting people from the Middle East or the subcontinent.
I would wear it meeting friends in the evenings or at home relaxing.
Pretty strong stuff, 4 or 5 sprays would be the max otherwise I'd smell like a scent bomb!
16th November 2016