Just Me fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus, pineapple, ginger
  • Heart

    • spices, jasmine, chocolate
  • Base

    • musk, honey, leather, vanilla, amber

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Latest Reviews of Just Me

The generic opening of this scent is like Julia Roberts playing a prostitute (Into Pretty Woman 1990 classic romance film) and the unique dry down of this scent is like when she turns into a Beverly Hills high society woman who finds herself embroiled in an impromptu romance with the millionaire.

Stunning spices, warmth, fruits, class without being intimidating, individual without being freaky, sweet without being sickly. It opens up with an fruity, cool, energetic yet generic. The pineapple is the dominant note at the beginning. Juicy and fresh are it's nuances, and the sweetness is provided by the jasmine and grapefruit. The slowly, an infusion of smooth spices saunter subtley onto the scene. At the base notes, it becomes very creamy and sweet in a special way. Most noticeable notes are gentle leather, honey, chocolate and musk that's comppepper soft yet rich with just a freckle of pepper that kisses your skin.

Just Me is a deliciously warm, elegant and mature fragrance. It's appropriate for day or night. Perfect for winter, when the urge to bundle yourself in warmth and luxury backons. It is also suitable with stepped out in red iconic gown with a sweetheart v-neck neckline and long white glows. Timeless indeed.
19th February 2021
Unknown Gem, as Cedric say about the Coca Cola, I wish this part lasted a bit longer. I also agree with BlackAmber it is similar to Theorema but more spicy and less foral in the drydown, but equally gorgeous.
5th October 2010

Very good sleeper that, as cedric says, deserves to have a chance to be discovered. Spicy/musky/citrusy, bright and sensuous, this is a glorious scent. Sillage and longevity are excellent. If you like Theorema by Fendi and those types of fragrances, give this a try. Extremely sexy.
9th August 2007
Montana parfums were at that time produced by Clarins. They had entered the group together with marketing genius Vera Strubi, who had sucsessfully introduced Montana Parfum de Peau and Montana Parfum d'Homme under Lancaster. Ofcourse at Clarins she was behind Thierry Mugler's Angel. Arround that time Angel started to turn from a cult fragrance into a blockbuster. I think Clarins tried to do the same marketing plot with Just Me as with Angel. Make an unsafe love-it-or-hate-it juice, keep advertising to a minimum and hope that word to mouth will do the rest. Yet the perfume bussiness is a bit like gambling and Just Me didn't win. Was the juice too avangarde (like the original Montana Parfum d'Elle) for it's time? Too strange, too stickeningly sweet? Did designer Claude Montana private life bring bad publicity ( an article in Vanity Fair brought suspitions he killed his wife)? Didn't Clarins have the time (like with Angel) to wait till the word to mouth made it's work? Anyway, Just Me soon became Parfums Montana's swan song under the Clarins' lisencing. Just Me was composed by Francoise Caron and included topnotes of grapefruit, ginger, caramel and pepper;heart of jasmin and ylang ylang; basenotes of musc, vanilla and amber. The opening reminds of coca cola but the drydown leaves leather notes on the skin. I truely believe that this unique fragrance was born too soon and could have build itself a niche.
29th July 2007