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Penhaligon's (2011)

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Juniper Sling by Penhaligon's

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Nothing brings jubilance and joy to the senses quite like… Gin! And now a cocktail, or Sling, a tribute to les années folle, the exuberant 1920s that roared that is one part crisp, evening-elegance, one part party-playful effervescence.

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Reviews of Juniper Sling by Penhaligon's

There are 30 reviews of Juniper Sling by Penhaligon's.

I can't say that I have a sophisticated nose, so what I love about Basenotes is the chance to learn more from the experts. As much as anything, we were swayed to get Juniper Sling from a recommendation of a friend, the gorgeous packaging and design, and the wonderful gin and tonic (well, OK, it's juniper) breeze that you get when you first put it on. But then it confused me. I could hardly smell anything at all. So, reading from Jaybeez below that the sillage is so poor that I need multiple sprays (which I'd always avoided, not wanting to be like those people you pass in the street and cringe because they're wearing so much perfurme) allowed me to adjust my use. I can actually use, say, 5 sprays on this, and it's about right, not too strong. And then in Varanis Vidari's review below (I love his reviews, they're amazing), that the notes are: "Cardamom, leather, pepper, and orris lay on a bed of brown sugar, black cherry, vetiver, and the expected ambroxan", ah OK. So, that's what it smells like. So, actually: I like this, quite a bit, now that I know how to wear it! Take a glug of that fine gin and tonic and settle into sweet, Oriental notes. Perhaps better as a winter fragrance.

I find Penhaligon's fragrances one extreme or the other: either unique and impressive, or disappointingly similar to many other fragrances. I was really looking forward to trying Juniper Sling, but sadly found it very much in the "similar and disappointing" category.

Very synthetic, far too much white musk, with just a faint hint of juniper: sadly on my skin, Juniper Sling smells identical to Mugler Cologne (the original green version), with the faintest hint of juniper.

Not my type of fragrance, but if I did want to a modern white musk based perfume, I certainly wouldn't pay Penhaligon's prices for Juniper Sling: Mugler Cologne is very similar, and a fraction of the price.

Re-visited this one today after it sat in my wardrobe for maybe two years. A rainy day like today normally calls for something a bit heavier / spicier but I went against my normal routine and gave this a 3 spray application before running errands. I forgot how much I like this scent. Fresh, almost frizzy juniper opening, then on to green notes with a hint of gin. Sadly, it only lasts about an hour on me, but it is a very nice hour. Sillage is pretty weak, but I did pick up hints while wearing a surgical mask when shopping, so just enough to keep me company on my journey.
A no-brainer when you want something fresh, interesting and just for your own enjoyment, albeit for a very short period of time. 5+ sprays recommended.

Effet De Brume, Honfleur by Félix Vallotton 1917

Astringent. Greenish. Buried citrus. Christmas wreath smell. Fresh. Cool. Begins to sweeten a little bit with cardamom and orris. There is some faint leather lurking underneath. I don't get any pepper but, I do smell vetiver. The base reveals amber. I don't get a tremendous amount sweetness out of this. Only a noticeable smidgeon. There is something that appears to resemble coffee flavored with hazelnut syrup. It's vague and elusive at times, this accord.

A zippy opening - dies off with a whisper.

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