Jungle Jezebel 
Sarah Baker Perfumes (2018)

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Inspired by cult performer and singer, Divine, this is a fragrance with real attitude. A heady mélange of tropical fruits. The exotic sweetness is balanced with far heavier, sexy tonalities that become more prominent as it dries down. The unique combinations are unexpected and make this a fragrance that stands apart, at once memorable and perhaps even a little shocking on first encounter. Yet, like its inspiration, the scandalous first impression reveals a craft that impresses and remains memorable. One for daring people who walk their own path.

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There are 1 reviews of Jungle Jezebel by Sarah Baker Perfumes.

Well, this is certainly a weird one, at least in the opening phase. First out of the gate is an unmistakable burst of good old-fashioned pink bubblegum, supported by a fruity accord that reads as mainly banana, although there are dark hints of civet lurking in the background. Tuberose hoves into view, & then twenty minutes in, the bubblegum races off into the distance, leaving room for what feels for all the world like an old-school animalic chypre. lt remains warm, sweet & fruity rather than dirty, similar in feel to Schiaparelli's Shocking, although it also reminds me of something else that l can't quite figure out. Four hours in, it feels more like a fruity floriental, with creamy sandalwood, vanilla & tonka, but the civet continues to weave in & out for the duration. The projection is moderate rather than overpowering, & it lasts around twelve hours before fading out.

This is not one l would have chosen to try, had l not been sent it as a freebie with a purchase. And as l suspected, it's really not my style, but it's certainly interesting...
Sep 22, 2020

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