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Contains notes of Black Pepper and Russian Leather. This hard to find woody scent by Dior was launched in 1980

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Reviews of Jules by Christian Dior

There are 67 reviews of Jules by Christian Dior.

Jules is one of the most amazing fragrances on this planet. The new formulation smells almost identical to the original, only the new version has a stronger Civet note, stronger Carnation, and less Rose. AMAZING JOB with the reformulation! Dior never disappoints. Very high quality and luxurious juice. Don't let the prices on ebay and other sites scare you away from this timeless masterpiece. I just bought a bottle right off the Dior website, dior.com for $90!!! If you are a serious enthusiast, I highly recommend you get a bottle!
Jul 24, 2021

2010 model.

Krizia Uomo on top, with Gucci Nobile in the middle, their offspring is the base.

Nice scent, but thin and doesn't last a full workday.
Apr 22, 2021

The groomsmen are in black tie,with the family patriarch leading the way in the finest attire.the partiarch himself, sports a sharp black vintage tuxedo with flower on his chest. he says:a man who doesn't spent time with his family can never be a real man.as Godfather Don Corleone, play's the ruthless yet sympathetic head of the corleone family.

The vintage jules(1980)was a masterpiece and this one has DNA of that one.a jewel in a bottle, the sophisticated image of a man incrusted in this emerald bottle that prints the picture of masculinity and maturity,the fragrance is simply awesome and full of body.the kind of fragrances that have survived the test of time and still they represent the strenght of a man that's not afraid to wear his fragrances,he knows he's a winner.

An smokey,green,bitter,clean fragrance.It opens with a sharply herbal and green that's the main character of the fragrance.it's certainly distinctive,thought extremely familiar at the same time. many focets of the galbanum combine with the spicy floral (hedione) in the heart.the fragrance softness in the dry down by fir and smooth leather. Ideal for a man that masculine but a classy gent.is kind but not a pushover.confident but never cocky.pure class in a bottle.
Jan 26, 2021

This is for the latest formula in 2020, opens extremely bright and energetic, citrus and civet with some pine touches from fir and a slight green organic feel, it has that classic French chypre style that could come across as dated to some people, if you appreciate classic perfumery tho you will really enjoy Jules, after an hour a bit of dark leather creeps in and keeps it well balanced and stable on the skin for many hours, the more I try Jules the more I fall for it, there's a lot going on in the note list, but it's a rather simple bright chypre that has been executed with intelligence and artistry, the colour of the juice resembles the actual smell to me.
Oct 12, 2020

Just received my new flacon of JULES in the modern/current EDT, directly from DIOR online.

The smell is gorgeous, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the original 1980 scent. (Just sayin').

The current scent opens with brilliant, sparkling aldehydes, a faux-galbanum stemminess, laced with a vivid, nose-clearing aromatic fir, and a geranium-like bracken of damascones.

Then a faint whisper of something civet-like, or at least animalic, makes its presence known. Everything is made cool by an omnipresent refreshing menthol sheen. Faint soupçons of tanning tar peer tastefully through the medicinal haze, laced with-- yes, a curious, unexpected floral note.

And that's it. After these notes, it's all over but the shoutin', as we say in Texas.

It is all exceptionally elegant, extremely refined, exquisitely tasteful. Neither dated, nor bleeding-edge hip-- just very French, streamlined and forest-y. And it resembles the 1980's formula in no way at all (I know because I went through several flacons of the old stuff circa 1988-1992) Leans masculine, but there's no reason in the world a woman couldn't use it, if she loves cooling, medicinal aromatic notes. The whole effect is one of refinement, sly suaveté, nothing "chunky" or "men's after-shave-y" going on. Utterly devoid of sweetness, yet never arid, desert-y or sterile. Obviously a scent formulated by an expert nose.

With time, I may grow to love it. Right now I'm kinda bowled over that it bears the name of an old scent I loved... even has the exact same box design and logo... but no longer smells like. As another reviewer here correctly observes, the 1980's original had a certain warmth and sweetness that this formula lacks. This number is nothing like YSL KOUROS, I must say.

P.S. The fabulous René Gruau illustrations for JULES are a direct allusion, I'd say, to the cabaret posters of Toulouse-Lautrec for the chanteur, Aristide Bruant.
Sep 14, 2020

Jules smells to me like an even mixture of Leonard Pour Homme, Gambler by Jovan, and Givenchy gentleman, in roughly a 3/2/1 parts ratio. So much spicy and indolic flower usage that, when paired with all that leather, smells of cinnamon. The basil and laurel together clearly state "made in the 80's". The galbanum and cumin play a round of "fresh cop, dirty cop." There is quite a lot going on, but it is a comparatively quiet scent with more of a come-hither vibe than a mating call. Sure, I wish it had a little more rev to its engine but the smell itself is enjoyable enough to forgive it.
Aug 7, 2019

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