Juicy Couture fragrance notes

  • Head

    • watermelon, mandarin, passion fruit, marigold, green apple, water hyacinth, crushed leaves
  • Heart

    • wild rose, princess lily, tuberose
  • Base

    • caramel cr?me brul?e, vanilla, precious woods, patchouli

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I bought this on the strength of somebody’s review.
Big mistake; to me it smells badly chemical.
It’s an aquatic tuberose bouquet apparently.
8th April 2022
This is the perfume Barbie wears. Trust me. One spray of this stuff and you'll think "this is Barbie's signature scent!".

First spray is an exact of Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton. So if you enjoy that one, you'll swoon over this. As it's done just that little bit better. First spray is quite fresh/musky. The watermelon is very much there alongside some green notes.

Lily is the star to me. I do get a nice hit of tuberose as well but lily is very much the star. It's nice and light, like walking into a room that has a vase of fresh lilies across the way.

The end was very musky and quite sweet. I was surpised to see there was no musk in the notes. I couldn't tell the difference between the caramel and creme brûlée but they were definitely there. Add's a sweet almost smoky aroma to the end.
4th January 2017

It starts fruity then turns more floral.Very girly and wearable.Definitely a daytime/school time fragrance.My family gave me compliments that i smell good
23rd November 2015
I was looking forward to this "tuberose floral," based on Turin's four star review. What a disappointment.

It begins quite promisingly with a light jasmine/tuberose wafting through the air, but soon morphs down to a chemical, synthetic melon/woody note, typical of the "acquatic" genre, and just stays there. Occasionally, if you stand north by north west in the right wind pattern, you just might catch a whiff of that floral melange, but don't get your hopes up.

Ultimately, this is like a million other empty acquatics out there, no better, no worse, but even though it's not awful, it's neither very good.

Three stars - Turin's "adequate" at most.
29th October 2015
Sense of harmony.believe it or not, using it is a sensuous experience,it perfumes not only your hands,but also infuses the room in which you use it, surrounding you in delightful perfume. JUICY COUTURE is a pleasurable experience.It is a superb blend of sensuality and playful innocence. sparkling,floral,lovely,modern, fresh,flirtatious,sweet,enchanting, delicious and romantic.

The composition merges ingredients that guarantee a romantic and flirty perfume fit for some fun partying: sparkling and juicy top notes of watermelon,passionfruit and mandarin orange into a powdery and floral heart of lily,tuberose and rose hip rises alongside notes of sweet vanilla,caramel and patchouli.like those drinks,JUICY COUTURE can be intoxicating.

The bottle is as stylish as the scent.the perfume is more floral than fruity for me.this EDP makes you feel sweet,fun, young and flirty.It is reserved for Spring and summer and also for festive occasions when you want to shine. perfect for a modern lady.totally a really lovely scent and it would make a really great gift and definitely worth trying.
9th May 2015
My daughter received this for a Christmas present and did not like it so she gave it to me. I love it. I left the empty bottle behind when I was on vacation. I wanted to keep it because it was so pretty. I guess that gives me an excuse to by some more.
3rd May 2015
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