Jubilation XXV Man 
Amouage (2007)

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Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

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Jubilation XXV Man is a men's fragrance launched in 2007 by Amouage

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Reviews of Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

There are 139 reviews of Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage.

I wouldn't wear this. It's simply too feminine. Complex yes, many notes of a range of incenses, and flowery. Would be ideal for a priest, a museum curator, or someone who deals in antiquities.

This is for me the best fragrance around the world! Unfortunately very expensive but what a great fragrance!
It is smoky, woody, musky and in the same time spicy. It reminds le the old school fragrance of seventy's gentlemen.
My favorite in this style with LDDM by Andy Tauer

Jubilation XXV lives up to the hype. Up front is a dark, fruity top that I love immediately. I'm a sucker for blackberry, and this is a deep, dark blackberry that reminds me of a dark cassis - jammy and potent. If that's all there was here, I'd love it.

But that just gets this fragrance started. Behind the dark berries there is sweet incense and labdanum that brings a beautiful amber accord. And as it all begins to dry down, up comes honey, a sweet tinge of patchouli, and sweet, fresh woods to surround those dark berries and incense. Florals dip in and dip out as well, never staying long enough to overshadow the dark rich berries and sweet crisp woods.

In its later stages, different woods start shining through, going from fresh and sweet to dark and oudy - and the scent becomes musky and mysterious.

From beginning to finish, this is a rich, opulent scent, with notes that take turns making themselves known, and all of them working together beautifully. I don't throw the word 'masterpiece' around often, but this is a masterpiece.

This is the pinacle of genius from both Amouage and Bertrand Duchaufour. It is a scent that gives the impression of being massive and powerful, but it does not achieve this by being simply loud and showy but by a calm and intense complexity, and what seems to be an endless opening up of new elements, almost like a fractal spice market. I am not given to exaggeration and I rarely find that scents live up to their reputation, but Jubilation XXV does... and then some.

Glorious! There's something very special about this. It's just the perfect blend and quite rightly has other reviews suggesting it's fit for a king. Get a real feel good feeling with this one.

I would have to say the only thing that keeps this juice from being my top scent
Is the lack of projection and performance.
Still a masterpiece from my view.

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