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Amouage (2007)

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Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

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Reviews of Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

Jubilation XXV Man is a high-end perfume company that has recently undergone a significant business process transformation. The company has always prided itself on its use of only the finest ingredients and its commitment to sustainability. However, in an effort to streamline operations and increase efficiency, Jubilation XXV Man implemented a number of new technologies and processes. This included the adoption of digital tools for inventory management, t.he introduction of automated production lines, and the implementation of a comprehensive CRM system. The result has been a dramatic increase in productivity and a reduction in waste, allowing the company to continue offering its customers the highest quality products while also minimizing its environmental impact. Overall, the business process transformation at Jubilation XXV Man has been a resounding success.

I wouldn't wear this. It's simply too feminine. Complex yes, many notes of a range of incenses, and flowery. Would be ideal for a priest, a museum curator, or someone who deals in antiquities.

Jubilation XXV straddles the line of modern and mature. The opening is smokey-orangey-incense. Later you get more incense with woods. Reminds me of Mr Blass by Bill Blass.

I get all day longevity with good projection.

I purchased this scent because I wanted an "all season"
fragrance which might evoke a different emotion as temperatures rose and fell. Certainly, in the store, Jubilation XXV was fascinating. Unfortunately, on me, this fragrance lasts about an hour, and the sillage forces me to stick my nose in the crux of my arm. I am disappointed.

They should have named this "The Fall of the King".

The opening of this fragrance is every bit as wonderful as most of the reviews say it is. If you want to know what it smells like exactly, there are plenty of other reviewers that can do a better job. It's a harmonious, intoxicating (in a good way), enchanting scent and quite possibly the best I have ever smelled. Sweet but never cloying, spicy and slightly woody. If this is a dream, please don't wake me up. It is indeed a fragrance fit for kings and I would have gladly payed the €270 it costs for a full bottle, if this was where the fairy-tale had ended. If only...

Unfortunately this masterpiece also teaches us an important lesson about life. Two hours into the dry down, this wonderful fragrance slowly starts to shed its beautiful feathers. Ever so gradually the dream collapses and although there are hints of its former glory every now and then throughout the day, it turns into a very pedestrian, understated woody smell. In the very end the faint smell reminds me somewhat of an elderly person staring out the window, who's desperately trying to reminisce the days of his glorious youth, when all he can see is a haze.

If you're wealthy and you if like woody (and subtle incense) fragrances, this is the best there is. Nothing I've smelled comes close. It's glorious. But the dry down is the biggest disappointment I've come across in the world of fragrances. Not because it's bad, but because little is left of the initial Jubilation.

Sour Saudi Angel!

Frankincense, yes, but in the background. My nose gives me a bitter, sour Angel or to be more exact, A-Men. $300 for a Mugler rip-off? Afraid so.

The bitterness comes from oud - unpleasant enough as it is, but the fruity mix does nothing to make it better. How can there be so many ingredients in the note tree and none of them be present to the nose?

I have sampld the Golds (masterpieces, both) and the very nice Dias from this house. The Jubilation 25 was pleasant - the male counterpart is for me a joke and at that price, I am rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter.

This was my second Amouage and again I feel like it's nice and pleasant but nothing special. It's spicy-fruity but the fruit is not juicy, it's dry, like potpourri. There are so many notes involved and they're blended pretty well so you can't always pick out all the individual notes, but a few do stand out from time to time. On me, the strongest scents to stick out were blackberry, rose, patchouli, oud, frankincense, and honey, and there were definitely suggestions of ambergris hiding out in the base.

I will say the ingredients used are of great quality. How do you know when real rose oil is being used? When it outlasts almost everything else, even in small doses. I believe rose should be considered a base note, and this fragrance is good evidence.

There just wasn't anything terribly interesting happening here and yes it's a pleasant fruity-rosy-oud but the genre isn't of much interest to me.

This lasts forever, I got no olfactory fatigue at all, and they're good ingredients blended well. If fruity-rosy-oud is your style, definitely try it. But for me, I was bored.

This is a very nice scent but nothing in it really stands out to me, it's that usual fruity oud and incense vibe of all those other arabian scents. I get a bit of the hamster cage cedar smell from this one as well. Considering the eye watering price, I'll look elsewhere.

The first hour of this is, for lack of a more eloquent way to put it, just a bad combination of random stuff, in my opinion. After the fruit, berries, overly green notes and whatever else people brought to this potluck dinner trails off into the atmosphere, then you get a smoother, more tolerable incense and dry wood. Not that the dry down is anything to write home about. It's just better than the opening. I like the incense in Cartier's Heure Mysterieuse better than the incense here, so I've finished my sample and this review marks the end of my experiment with Jubilation XXV.

Not bad. Went from a thumbs up to a neutral. Dry incense, woods and some dried fruits. Does't have the same boldness as other Amouages. Slight similarity to Jo Malones Pomegranate Noir.

a very poor performer, interesting aroma

The initial opening, as much of a minor horror as it may be, is one of the highlights here. Yes, I am one of those distracted by accidents. The sweet floral note that doesn't seem to be complementing anything at all . The occluded frankincense. The sweet fermentation smell. Did someone forget to take out the garbage? It's all very complicated by not in a particularly productive way. When it dries down XXV becomes a perfectly acceptable incense but ultimately is it really worth writing home about? However much interest it does generate somehow it seems we've all smelled this one before done at least as well. Picture a few years down the road some cognoscente smelling one new thing or another and proclaiming: "This fragrance is so Amouage 2007."

Too expensive for what it is. While it starts off floral and sweet, that transforms to a predominant incense fragrance. I was impressed with the topnote, but not too impressed with the base note.

Let's see...

jam? maybe
jelly? maybe
marmalade? maybe

Fruit Roll-ups?

Unfortunately this is all I get from this "masterpiece." Where's the incense? Where's the frankenfurter? Where's the complex, woody, spicy, yada yada yada? Am I posting in a troll thread?

It doesn't matter. Truth be told, the smell isn't bad, and it is actually a higher quality smell than the ACTUAL fruit roll-up smell. Still though, I don't really have any inclination to wear this again.

Jubilation XXV opens with a sweeter construction than Epic Man - my only other Amouage to compare to besides Tribute (totally different). And the opening is definitely mesmerizing. My problem with Jubilation is within 30 minutes into the drydown where it turns to dusty smothering woods on my skin. What I have come to love more than any other incense-like fragrance is Kyoto by Comme des Garcons, which opens clean, atmospheric, transcendent, and stays true for an entire day.

I cant add more to the praise, ridiculously good incense, so luxurious, warm, engulfing and reeking of quality. Read Viberts and others reviews for all its good aspect, however, here comes my criticism : the orchid or violet or whatever this dusty flower is which pops up after a few minutes just spoils it for me.I simply cant appreciate it for what its worth. But there are others, great oriental incenses that will suffiently repay me for my disappointment. Once I found a decent substitude I will update this review.As of now, its a neutral for being a great milestone and artistically spoken one of Duchaufaours best creations but it doesnt do it for me.

I don't find the sillage lacking, as many other reviewers here do. For me, it's a cool-weather fragrance: warm and rich and spicy. Cons: - the high price -the fact that, to my nose, it smells strongly of cloves. Pros: - the sensual, exotic nature - smells fabulous on a woman as well as on a man - just a few sniffs will tell you that it's beautifully-made and expensive

A good incense fragrance with thick layers twinged with spices and fruits. There's a nearly creamy texture to XXV. Unfortunately it's just too much and is an example of the phenomena where too many notes creates an overload that just isn't successful. I can recognize why people would like this but I don't like the aroma it creates when wearing it, and I personally wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it anywhere.I'm glad I only had to spend $50 for a 30ml bottle because the normal price is $240+ for 50ml. At that price this fragrance fails compared to other fragrances in that price range. Now that the travel bottles are sold out, there's no reason to drop the cash for a retail priced bottle. I'd prefer to drop that money on Amouage's Lyric Men, which is as smooth as silk and very unique.Speaking of unique, Duchoufor's own L'Artisan AdV is better and a touch cheaper, and Timbuktu even more so. It's pretty rare that I trade off a bottle like this instead of keeping it for posterity or to give away samples, but I already found a home for mine and don't think I'll miss it. This fragrance is a case study in what happens when a high-end fragrance becomes very affordable, because all of a sudden it's so many people's favorite fragrance. The truth of the matter is it's the only good niche fragrance they own.

A sweet woody scent which stays pretty much the same from start to finish. I prefer the younger Reflection scent than this one. This smells a bit like a cigar box.

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