Jubilation XXV Man 
Amouage (2007)

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Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

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Reviews of Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

There are 134 reviews of Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage.

I would have to say the only thing that keeps this juice from being my top scent
Is the lack of projection and performance.
Still a masterpiece from my view.

Strangely light and hard to smell, while hinting at deep, rich, complex notes. I get a whiff of resinous fruited something or other along with printer’s ink/ozone. But overall it’s very hard to smell, even when I huff with my nose pressed to the sticky spot on my wrist. Layered on much more strongly, it’s an resinous ambery scent but with other notes that interfere with the richness for me. Mostly dries to a woody scent with resins, spices and a lurking murky feel that might be muddled fruits. Not working on me.

Very nice modern twist on traditional Mid Eastern scents.

Opens light sweet blackberry with light spices and insense or labadnum. Then honey as the main sweetness with very light florals + herby from celery seeds and nice nice amber & myrr into early drydown. Further into the drydown, the sweetness subsides and moss pops.

Doesn't smell radically different than similar orientals but still, very well balanced and executed. Will have to try a few more times and compare with some other to determine if its FB worthy, but on my radar for sure


Passion fruit open? White birch. Smells great but I may be a little nose blind to the open. I only had a sample so keep that in mind but this entire open is tattooed against my skin. It's not projecting anywhere. In fact once I was smelling too close and accidentally touched the applicator to my moustache. I decided not to wipe or wash it away and I actually really enjoyed a few revelations from smelling at this new vantage point. A light woody cumin comes through. It's not a great accompaniment to coffee. The dry down is really nice, more wearable over time for sure but it isn't harsh to begin with. I think it moves closer to that iso e super Play-Dohish lilt of Parfums De Marley Pegasus, as it's losing its fruit. Not big bad powdery but it starts out with just a pinch. The powder is more chalky musk and not sweet marshmallow.

I smell two completely different scents next to each other. The sweet and the spice are separate. It's like ketchup on French fries. Very well done but I think that's also why I wouldn't recommend Jubilation to people who just use whatever shampoo is on sale at the time or who uses hairspray, etc. I find it gets broken by other smells. I use a face lotion that has a slight scent (which I hate) but I haven't been able to find a comparable lotion that smells better or has no scent. Anyway... introducing another sweet cheap generic flavor totally ruins the Jubilation. This might layer with a manly aftershave leaning minty green but I wouldn't even put it near more abrupt woods. I wouldn't put any vanilla or smoke in the room with this either; it's great right where it is. Oh you're a Vaseline person, you're a dryer sheet person? Trouble. Please do not put Jubilation in your car! This is a bedroom and body scent. As it gets drier over the course of the day, that light cumin turns straight into the Encre Noire direction for me. Not my favorite.

I experimented with this scent a lot. I thought it would be fun to smell a pure musk for comparison and I got a shot of wet dog in sharp contrast. In comparison to Encre Noire, this is much much prettier. There was apparent and measured work put into taming Jubilation.

There is a mature but not refined vintage authority to it. Like a classy woman eating a fried pickle, in a 70s brown shag carpeted parlor with the mustard couch, the giant T.V. cabinet, and the wood wall paneling. I really have to take a full breath in but there is definitely a zingy dill sour on the inside of my elbow where the rich tang of the open is still present. Yes bay and yes celery seed. Starts off fun in the fruit and gets nicer over time. At the end of the day, the price will keep me out of this one. I could happily smell this on some of my flannel and jeans friends but I personally wouldn't want to walk around this woody and would absolutely hate dating a woman in this scent.

I believe it will go down in the History books as Amouage's best spray perfume. It's neck and neck with Interlude Man but this one is more subtle and more sublime. It's a love at first sniff type of fragrance but it gets better with time. Spend a year with it and it just keeps opening up. Bertrand Duchaufour gets a lot of flack for cranking out so many perfumes but he's made at least 10 all time classics. The guy is a legend and this scent shows why. Make sure to get a bottle from Oman.

A multi-faceted fragrance and so unique, smells rich. It was so different from what i could have tried before. This fragrance evolves over time. Also, I was able to detect several notes among those that are displayed on his pyramide notes including : Oud, Blackberry, Cinnamon, Myrrh and Opoponax ...

Absolute class!

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