Jubilation XXV Man 
Amouage (2007)

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Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

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Jubilation XXV Man is a men's fragrance launched in 2007 by Amouage

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Reviews of Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

There are 146 reviews of Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage.

Jubilation XXV Man is a high-end perfume company that has recently undergone a significant business process transformation. The company has always prided itself on its use of only the finest ingredients and its commitment to sustainability. However, in an effort to streamline operations and increase efficiency, Jubilation XXV Man implemented a number of new technologies and processes. This included the adoption of digital tools for inventory management, t.he introduction of automated production lines, and the implementation of a comprehensive CRM system. The result has been a dramatic increase in productivity and a reduction in waste, allowing the company to continue offering its customers the highest quality products while also minimizing its environmental impact. Overall, the business process transformation at Jubilation XXV Man has been a resounding success. 0101digitall.com

Beautifully restrained if not balanced fruity honey and oud with a hint of smokiness. I love this in the fall winter months as it allows overspraying without huge radiation. Lasts all day long as this comfort layer.
On a separate but related note, ZARA X Jo Malone Ebony Wood is in this vein, a lovely fragrance in its own right - in fact the Tobacco Collection (Rich Warm Addictive; Unexpected Fresh & Spicy; Intense Dark Exclusive) seem to be based on this, all three being like flankers with individual notes explored.

Amouage came with a mission statement of combining Western and Middle Eastern perfume traditions. Jub XXV for men is perhaps the best realization of that. Very clever product positioning from Amouage had a middle Eastern clientele buying into its European refinement whilst in tandem the Europeans bought into the exoticism and quality of raw materials. The quality of this scent suggests this is not just marketing but an actually realized and well executed ambition.

Jubilation is a spot on name - this is a special occasion scent with something quite biblical about its profile - picture the 3 wise men carrying their precious gifts across the clear skies of a still desert. A scent big enough and classy enough for special occasions without being at all obnoxious or attention seeking.

Opening with fresh berries (blackcurrants / redcurrants) and dried fruits (dates / sultanas) and incense. The mid notes are very earthy but not too dirty (patchoulli), mildly spicy (cinnamon), resinous (labdanum) and eventually woody (santal / cedar).

Yes there is a subtle undertone of oud - but this is a 2007 oud - very far removed from the synthetic harsh oud's we have come to expect in 2022. Primarily this is a patchouli scent with a stickyness and sweet density - almost like a luxury reworking of Mugler's A*men with elements of Angel.

Overall; mission brief thoroughly accomplished and exceeded by master of his art Bertrand Duchafour. It may not be my everyday reach or even something that speaks to me directly but the quality and refinement shine through 88/100

By far the best perfume I have smelled or put on. Very strong notes and lasts a long time. And the older it is, the better it seems to smell! I bought a bottle back in 2009 and I still keep it, even though it has a tiny amount, to occasionally just smell it

Tragically marvelous...

The most wonderful, richly exquisite, round & inviting incense fragrance I've ever tried; yet it performs terribly on my skin. Which is par for the incense course on me... Either my climate or my skin just eats this stuff within minutes, as it does with Mugler B*Men, Burberry London, Taliban Flower, etc.

I should move to a drier climate so that this works on me, that's how great this juice is!

Arguably the best Amouage ever created and a remarkably easy-to-wear frankincense.

Frankincense (incense) is not an easy note to wear. In its pure form it can come across as astringent, lemony or even urea-like. Of course, incense of any kind is not meant to be applied to skin; instead, it is burned to give off its enchanting, unique aroma. Amouage hit the bull's eye with this creation though.

Jubilation XXV Man (not to be confused with Jubilation 25, which is another scent by Amouage marketed to women), is a complex scent, built around frankincense and wrapped in a fougere accord. It does not smell harsh or synthetic, yet is not your average, crowd-pleasing, designer scent.

Jubilation XXV opens with a unique accord of berries, supported by a delicate orange and davana (both are barely discernible notes). This aspect appeared more authentic and bolder in older bottles; however, it does not last very long. The frankincense begins to project from the get go and constitutes the backbone structure of the entire scent. As the scent progresses, a gentle sweetness emerges, which could either be the opoponax or 'honey' note. Interestingly, the note pyramid claims an oud note, but I cannot detect it.

From a distance, Jubilation XXV turns a few heads (including your own!), as the curiosity to get a whiff of "that smell" quietly calls for your attention. The incense here invokes memories of an Eastern or oriental church somewhat, but the complex blend make it quite wearable. The gentle sweetness removes any perceived harshness from the incense and comes across as calming or even meditative. It won't fill a room with its projection (it was never intended to), but it projects remarkably well and easily lasts a full day on skin and clothes, if not longer. Just be sure to stick with fewer sprays, otherwise it can become a bit of an olfactory mess. One or two sprays at most.

The most recent bottles begin with less than average projection and longevity, but once they've been used a bit and allowed to mature over time, they do improve dramatically. The non-magnetic cap bottles would last past 12 hours and even survive showers. Current bottles are very long lasting though; just be sure to purchase a Made in Oman version.

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