Journey Man 
Amouage (2014)

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Journey Man by Amouage

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Journey Man is a men's fragrance launched in 2014 by Amouage

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Reviews of Journey Man by Amouage

There are 40 reviews of Journey Man by Amouage.

Not very challenging or crazy. A simple light tobacco scent that isn't too heavy or animalic. This will work best for spring or fall and maybe cooler summer evenings. It's nothing special and somewhat forgettable.

•Smoldering-Hot/Spicy/Fresh/Leathery/Coniferous/Liturgical Incense. Ironically, despite the notes, I prefer to wear this in the warmer months. Wears well in the blazing heat as there is a uplifting/invigorating component here. This scent never really gets old.

Spicy oriential. Opening smells like walking past an orthodox church, pleasant incense, a little exotic and a bit stuffy. Nothing particularly crisp or uplifting.

Powdered wood incense and spice first on, with juniper needles. Glue note comes and goes as it dries, with same juniper needles and woody powdered spices. Pretty much a skin scent from the beginning, but not light or sheer. Overall impression I get is of resinous green juniper, dusty wood and a hint of crumbly old leather. I like it and I don’t. It’s very linear and doesn’t change much. Dry and dusty, there's nothing to lift the dry dust. Feels like it's lacking something, either florals or resins or possibly even sharper juniper. Lime, something. It's too flat on my skin. Unisex.

A wonderful layered scent of juniper berries with incense, tobacco, and spices, mostly sichuan pepper with a dash of cardamom.

The spicy opening transitions into a dry woody incense scent with green tobacco (similar to Tribute), a hint of smoke, and a touch of leather in the dry down. There is minimal sweetness, and the blending is seamless.

While being easy to wear and a bit mainstream (Alberto Morillas ....), Journey Man still has the unmistakable Amouage character.


A citrus opening with a sexy dirty tobacco and leather enveloping the whole concept, after the opening it sort of drifts into a bit of that icey epic man feel with a leathery tobacco overtone, could almost be a flanker to epic man really. Journey man feels like classic west colliding with east type of perfumery, with the west tone being more dominant overall, this is quiet a complexed fragrance but achieved with an air of simplicity, like when a football team score a great goal and make it look easy, Morillas and Negrin have done the same here, deceptively simple class, performs much better than I initially assessed, strong in the first hour or two and then sits on the skin for a long time.

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