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This does NOT interact kindly with my skin. There is no citrus, there are no florals, there is no musk that other reviewers have experienced. All I can smell is celery. Celery is wonderful in cooking, but not on my skin....
11th July 2022
Tart citrus. Slightly aquatic, like rainwater. Strong green notes, as of stems or stalks. Sour florals. This is just too bitter, for my tastes.

The rankness calms down a bit later. It doesn't really do much else to offend me but, I can't state that I could ever like this scent. I get some burnt wood later - that's it.
23rd March 2019

This is a rare dislike for a Hermès fragrance for me. I was in store and had one hand left to test on, so I just grabbed this to try. It is not good on my skin. At. All. Ignore the confusing 1 note pyramid; this is a citrus scent. An unpleasantly dry, arid citrus scent. No idea what kind of citrus it is exactly, maybe a severely dehydrated grapefruit? The poor thing is completely parched and devoid of any pleasure whatsoever. Something I imagine a humourless medieval monk would wear.

*edit: dessicated, that's the word I was looking for!
28th January 2019
Floral notes? Jour d'hermes is all about citrus fruit, mostly grapefruit. I get some well-appreciated rhubarb as well. Very nice, fresh though potent, luminous, summery. But nothing exceptional, except it's well done.
17th May 2018
Floral frequencies
Being luminous in the
Visible region.
26th October 2017
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