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Joop! Homme was a bit of a shock when it first appeared. Bright pink liquid, Pink box. Sweet smell, and its for Men? However, over ten years down the line it has proved to be a classic. A tip though: The fragrance is quite potent, SO PLEASE DON'T SPRAY YOURSELF IN HALF A BOTTLE OF IT BEFORE YOU GO OUT.

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Reviews of Joop! Homme by Joop!

There are 288 reviews of Joop! Homme by Joop!.

I used to wear Joop! Homme back in the late 90s and early 2000s. Back then I thought it was one of the best things I ever smelt, since then my tastes have matured and I have outgrown this fragrance. I still have a bottle that would be about 20 years old. Not much juice left and the distinctive magenta colour has changed to a darker shade. However the scent is the same and the performance is still amazing.
Imagine opening a packet of sweet, sickly jellybeans and sprinkling some of your grandad's pipe tobacco in there. That is Joop! Homme. Sweet, cloying vanilla with a hint of tobacco. There are other notes such as tonka bean, musk and orange. But the vanilla is the standout note throughout the life of the scent. As for longevity it is great and lasts 8 hours or longer on my skin, especially in the winter. It projects very well too leaving a good sillage trail for the first few hours of wear and projects at least arm length beyond then.
Joop! Homme is the only fragrance to date that I have received unsolicited negative feedback on. Possibly because back in the day I over-sprayed it maybe. Due to the strong performance be careful not to overdo it with Joop!, it can be cloying and tends to be divisive as a fragrance. Most people either love it or really dislike it and over-spraying can bring out the negative reactions in those who dislike it.
Joop! was a popular clubbing fragrance back in the 1990s and it used to be sold in department stores as a more pricey designer fragrance. These days Joop! Homme can be found quite cheap, and although it is over 30 years old, it would still pass as a clubbing fragrance and I believe there are some guys who still get compliments with it. Ultimately though, it's a strong cloying scent that has some appeal, but lacks maturity and refinement. Do not wear Joop! Homme to a job interview or in the office, or when meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time. Wear it if you want a clubbing cheapy that is different to the Dior Sauvage, Versace Eros and 1 Million that 80% of the other guys at the club are wearing. Wear it to a party or rave, maybe wear it for a date but nothing too intimate or classy.
Overall I have mixed feelings about Joop! Homme, I used to love it and the scent still evokes some nostalgia. But I have definitely outgrown it and moved on. If Basenotes enabled me to give a 2.5 star rating then that is what I would give it. But I settled on 3 stars.
Jul 26, 2021

The opening to this smells like the cinnamon-flavored candy canes my mom would get during the holidays; it's not as sickly-sweet smelling as a lot people have said about it, but it's definitely a synthetic sweet-tooth. In addition to the Big Red gum cinnamon smell, there's an underlying herbal smell; like sniffing an incense stick before burning it.

I would strongly recommend NOT spraying more than 3-times on yourself! It can be cloying if you spray more than 3-times (especially on the neck beneath the jaw). I made the mistake of spraying this 4 times on myself; it felt like getting waterboarded with a tsunami made of melted cinnamon-scented Yankee candles. I didn't get a headache, but I did get a scratchy throat. So, yeah. In large doses, Joop becomes the vapor version of Sucrets.

I've heard that Joop Homme has been reformulated, and thus it's not quite the blaring, olfactory foghorn that cut through the thick air of raves and nightclubs it once did back in the early 90s. But, this Energizer Bunny of a fragrance is still an 8+ hour powerhouse. I'm convinced, that there are radioactive fallout materials with shorter half-lives than Joop Homme.

Joop Homme projects like crazy in 1st hour. Starts to taper off a little by hour 2. And, by hour 3 - it finally plateaus into smelling like a cinnamon fall/winter candle, lit with a blow torch at both ends. It is around this time that the sandalwood and amber make their presences known. And, it pretty much stays this way for 4-hours.

Around hour 8 - it starts to become a skin scent. But, whatever residual sillage still on your clothes will last well past hour 10.

People have classified Joop Homme as a fall/winter fragrance, and, I would tend to agree. However, if you insist on wearing this during the summer or warm/hot weather: wear this at night. This is a night-time fragrance, if I ever did smell one: perfect for bars, clubs, outdoor dining, bonfires, etc.

Despite the neutral rating: I give this a 3/5 stars. I don't love it. I don't hate it. I would've given it 2.5/5, but, I give it half a star because you can get this SUPER cheap; I got a 4.2oz bottle for under 20$; Testers are even less. Another reason, is, the longevity of this thing is...unbelievable.

That being said; I realize that I'm in the minority of being neutral on this one. This is a love-it-or-hate-it fragrance if there ever was one.

So, if you exercise caution, and stick to 1-2 sprays per application. And, you don't mind synthetic, cinnamon-flavored/candy-cane/gum/aromatic candle-smelling fragrances that easily lasts over 8hrs - this is for you.

Mar 17, 2021

If you took your idea of a serious cologne and combined it with “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” you’d get Joop!. I feel like Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka would have worn this. It can be polarizing and easily over-applied, but it is still pure genius. If you wanted to stir the pot, you might even argue that Joop! is the most well-blended of modern men’s oriental fragrances. It is absurd and simultaneously absurdly good. All I can say is that wearing Joop! makes me happy.
Oct 10, 2020

Sorry for the verbosity. This ended up being more impactful on me than I expected.

Unusually for someone born in the early 80s, I never got much exposure to this scent, because it just wasn't my dad's deal. Mum would occasionally splurge to get dad Farenheit or Drakkar Noir, but generally speaking my Dad is a Brut guy.

So, I was a touch surprised when I went to visit Mum and Dad recently and saw bottle of bright magenta Joop! adorning the bathroom sill. The juice is literally the exact shade of one of my favourite crayolas from my childhood and very, very close to one of my sister's favourite skivvies. I got hit with an immediate flash of nostalgia seeing it.

Sweet, rich and unapologetically fruity and floral, this is just not what my dad would have worn back in the late 80s/early 90s when he was working in finance. Now that he's too old to bother impressing people and can give in to a bit of whimsy, he'll use it on occasion for his own entertainment, as will my mother.

And after giving it a test spray, I can see why. This is the olfactory equivalent of an ice cream mountain with every possible condiment liberally poured over the top. Even if I don't see myself wearing it out, the honeysuckle and cinnamon in particular are beautifully done.

Just like the ice cream mountain, after a respectable amount of time you start thinking "Oh god.... there's still so much MORE there..." and the inexplicable joy gives way to some rather justifiable fear.

Still though, I have to give Joop! some big respect for having the nerve to stick with their creative and marketing vision. Let's not forget that when this scent came out, homophobic slurs being exchanged around the water cooler was de rigueur and a lot of what would now be referred to as toxic masculinity was just "How sh*t was."

"Here's some bright pink fruity floral juice. Are you man enough to wear it?"
Dec 13, 2019

Best smell. Its smell is very different from another perfumes. Been wearing it since 1990.
Dec 5, 2019

Has a new bottle meanwhile that blends in with the competition, what's inside however has remained the same I'm guessing.

I like a bit of controversy but I can't bring myself to like this one. It is difficult to dissect but here's my analysis: very strong peppery patchouli meets very sweet honeysuckle.

All the rest are background notes to me but combined they give an incensy vibe which patchouli and honeysuckle are sitting on top of.

Honestly, it can't be worn anywhere but in the comfort of your own home and for experimental purposes. Actually, you could mistake this for an interior perfume!
Aug 5, 2019

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