Jonquille de Nuit 
Tom Ford (2012)

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Reviews of Jonquille de Nuit by Tom Ford

A beautiful green floral scent that is rife with exotic flowers and capped with amber-orris goodness.

Narcissus flower is the most dominant note in Jonquille de Nuit, a daffodil-like sweet, fresh green presence that I really enjoy. Mimosa's sweet, candy-ish presence also is quite evident, with supporting roles provided by violet leaf, unusual bitter orange blossom (I'm so used to the blossom smelling sweeter), and light and clean cyclamen.

This one seems more suited for women, given its flower-heavy construction. Overall, a really refined experience that is full of spring season flair.
Sep 29, 2018

A pretty, loud white floral. There are a lot of these and they're usually good, so it takes some effort to stand out. Jonquille stakes its own place by incorporating considerably more depth than the genre usually does. On the top, the big loud white floral mix is always there, but just about every possible flower rotates underneath, so it's sometimes supported by indolic jasmine, or milky tuberose, or green lily, or citrusy orange blossom, changing every time I sniff, which has really kept me entertained.

Given time, the focus gets greener, as a mix of neroli and lily take the spotlight, while a big shot of clean white soap comes in to round out the base, leading to a smell similar to Mugler Cologne fusing with the flowers, but very soapy. In the end, it dries down to just soap and neroli, which is fine but sort of calls to mind Irish Spring soap, which is perfectly nice but a bit of a letdown after the rich complexity of the first couple of hours. Anyway, it's still a thumbs up.
Aug 3, 2018

May 8, 2018

This fragrance opens up with a beautiful creamy tuberose along with very mellow spices in the background (They just mentioned other floral notes but definitely there is tuberose here. lots of it!)
It's simple but smells natural and very pleasing.

As time passes I'm getting the same smell but now spices are gone and scent starts to get powdery and slightly earthy.
In the base scent gets more powdery and a little more earthy that reminds me of those great and extremely elegant fresh, creamy, powdery and floral fragrances made more than 100 years ago by Guerlain and Chanel for women.
Fragrance has a very classic aura in this part.
This can't get close to those legendary fragrances but it has almost the same DNA but simpler with modern twist!
I like it. specially the base is so adorable.
Projection is good and longevity is 8 plus hours without any problem.
This is much more suitable for women. it's not masculine in my opinion.
May 1, 2015

This has a sharp, aldehydic floral opening, brighter & slightly fruitier than Ombre de Hyacinth, & less green. As it settles, there's a definite lily note, along with a little powder & amber, & at this stage it smells exactly like Donna Karan Gold to me, far more so than Lys Fume does. ln the heart there's a hint of the "bad breath"-type of indolic jasmine, & later on there's vanilla in the base. After the first hour, it all fades very close to the skin, although it lasts several hours.
l'm giving this a neutral because although l don't hate it, l get pretty much the same scent, but done better, from my bottle of DK Gold. And it doesn't really suggest the wonderful scent of real daffodils to me, either.
Mar 30, 2014

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