Exclusive to Harvey Nichols:

From the Xerjoff Join the Club collection, a Harvey Nichols worldwide exclusive has landed.

K’bridge Club is inspired by the vibrant shopping atmosphere of our very own Knightsbridge store. According to the Join The Club philosophy, ingredients are kept secret, instead the olfactory links to the exclusive K’bridge Club perfumes are to be discovered.

Join The Club : K'bridge Club fragrance notes

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Latest Reviews of Join The Club : K'bridge Club

K'bridge Club started off as a hoity-toity exclusive for the Knightsbridge Harvey Nichols store, before becoming more widely available. In its sweet rosy saturation it seemed to have its sights set on the blingy moneybags visiting those premises. A love of things brash and declamatory will serve you well when approaching this perfume, as also an appreciation of all things Montale. Because at first you will think that you are smelling a Montale rose – Intense Café in particular, according to the denizens of Fragrantica, but I haven't smelled that one, so couldn't say. The family resemblance is there, however, although the execution is some notches above.
Once one has got over such contextual preliminaries, the thing itself is indulgently appealing. Silky, halva-like roses served up on a bed of vanilla and caramel fudge, with a sliver of bitter woods as backdrop to prevent the thing tipping over. Syrupy, yes, but the smoothness of the execution and a lovely cardamom-like freshness, work a charm in preventing things from getting too sticky. One of those miraculous ‘gorge without getting fat' jobs – who doesn't want one of those?
3rd July 2021