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    • patchouli, sandalwood, basil, Spices

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My wife immediately picked up on a vanilla note which is not listed. I can see that (and more like a boozy vanilla to me) but I actually thought it had a passing resemblance to Tom Ford's Black Orchid with its smooth creaminess (sandalwood) and spicy, almost smokey notes. While sampling both side-by-side, I find that they don't smell alike but rather they share that very interesting effect of playing into both masculine and feminine fragrance sensibilities. Ivory Route is perfectly unisex and mysterious that way, adding to its allure and seductive qualities.

Having worn this on multiple occasions, I would say I like to smell it more than wear it. Its fem tendencies sometimes become too much for me. However, if I only smell it in passing or in short, temporary bursts, it's very enjoyable and at times, captivating.

Projection is above average and longevity is very good, lasting most of the day and into the evening.
6th January 2023
Addicting. As a lover of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla, I find Xerjoff's Ivory Route absolutely addicting. As the signature scent for Xerjoff's Travel & Adventure Club, it comes as no surprise that it gives off such an adventurous and mysterious vibe. If the idea of conversing over a drink with Bogie at a corner table in Rick's Place in Casablanca appeals to you, you'll probably fall for Ivory Route. It's a beast, but in a gentle, non-offensive way. It opens as spicy, but doesn't linger there for long. It soon morphs into a gentle enveloping creamy concoction of dry woody vanilla. I'd recommend applying it a good hour before you plan to be wherever you're going. You WILL get noticed, and people will like it. Check out Anne Lauren's take on it, on YouTube if you don't believe me.
30th October 2022

Fantastic Fragrance.
This opens up with an overwhelming spice, but this in my opinion is AWESOME and very masculine. This spice softens after about an hour but still remains with a sweet tone of Ambery vanilla and this pushes through for the next 8+ hours. But you have to like Spices to appreciate this one.
This one is fairly similar to Zefiro but with a big dose of Amber. Lovely and well blended.

Overall Scent 8- 10
Performance 8- 10
Sillage 7.6- 10
9th October 2022

The opening of this fragrance is attention-grabbing with its woodiness and incense notes. However, after an hour, the incense recedes into the background, leaving a spicy sandalwood scent with a hint of patchouli. Unfortunately, it becomes underwhelming and ultimately devolves into a dull, uninteresting spicy sandalwood fragrance. Overall, I don't think it's worth the price.
12th September 2022
Spiced amber – two words that reveal an ugly bias. Mine – I don't really get on with perfumes of this type. Ambers I usually find too sludgy; plenty of warmth but somewhat smothering. Add spice on top and I usually feel done – or should that be, done over? – to a turn. And this one is as sweet as a ‘Love is…' cartoon as well. I'm so far out of my comfort zone it would require an industrial winch to pull me back.
Ivory route for me begins with a salvo of cinnamon-led mixed spice which is immediately enrobed in syrupy amber – there's probably a glowing golden effect intended and that's probably the experience of many, seeing the happy reviews of this one. But it makes me feel overheated and suffocated. The sweetness turns increasingly powdery over time – and powder I usually appreciate. With the spice running right through it, I long for some point of contrast, some lighter, fresher accent. I can appreciate the quality of the wood tones in the base – open grained and textured, offering a bit of grounding – the rest just makes me want to get under the shower.
19th January 2020
So gentle...i feel like i'm being carresed by this fragrance...subtle projection that creates an aura around me...spicy/resiny/ambery wood with hints of exotic me , from the images it conjures up and the scent it throws out , this is definitely an Oriental...I see everything from desert vistas to marketplaces and their exotic and otherworldly smells...blended perfectly with quality ingredients...nice touch of me , the most obvious note that keeps drawing attention to itself is a wood note that smells like a combo of sandalwood and cedar...well played Xerjoff...
11th August 2019
Cinnamon and basil opening, along with some allspice. It's a rather spicy-dusty vanilla as well, brings up a sweetness that serves more as background music for the heavily spiced notes. Slight herbals as well, mint and basil that adds to the heaviness of the scent. It is overall a fairly heavy fragrance, a little too straightforward with the spice notes and without the type of depth and complexity that I generally like in my fragrances.

This isn't particularly long lasting on my skin, and the drydown becomes much sweeter with a bit of amber as well. Projection is slightly above average to start.

There's nothing particularly wrong with this scent, and overall I enjoy it: however, it doesn't stand out in any way and is rather expensive.

17th April 2019
Fragrance notes: Spicy notes, basil, patchouli, sandalwood, allspice

Ivory Route opens with a bright, spicy-amber splash that moves gradually into a sweet sandalwood accord. Patchouli is of the wet bright herbal variety, with a welcome sprinkle of peppery allspice and an ever so subtle twist of basil leaf.

Smooth, scintillating, ambery, with a definite vanilla presence in there deep in the heart of this glamorous scent. The spice smells fresh from the tree, definitely of high-quality ingredients. And I agree with another reviewer about the perceived cashmeran vibe that floats steadily throughout the wear cycle.

Join the Club: Ivory Route is a dreamy, relaxing experience, and once again Xerjoff has created another accessible wonderful in this collection! :-)

13th January 2019
Initially ivory route for me is very mystical, like opening an old book from a museum. Why in my mind am I thinking about old world maps and touching rural Indian and napal antiques with a donkey overloaded with village goods and treasures . ..because xerjoff have created a fragrance that stirs up the olfactory in me , im thinking Indiana Jones and any film based on an adventure along a dusty path (goonies included) notes of dry sandlewood and spices create this, and I can pick up on smoked tea and a bit of really well done vanilla ..very high quality and very addictive to go through the journey of notes. The bottle itself looks like some treasure out of a sinbad film ..outrageous but well suited ..what a pleasure Ivory Route is to own.
6th December 2018
Sweet and spicy fragrance of another planet. It's so comforting, warm, sexy, mysterious and alluring... My favorite from the Join The Club line. Xerjoff never fails to impress.
17th May 2018
This was a surprise! Almost gourmand, but not sickly sweet. Amber, Tonka, cinnamon notes. I've smelled other attempts at this type of fragrance, they were simplistic and overly gourmand/sweet. This is perfectly balanced, more of a cool night/winter fragrance but only b/c of it's type, not b/c it is cloying.
13th July 2017
Stardate 20170606:

Love the top.
Spices and Amber (plus some incense)
But it loses the script after couple of hours and Xerjoff's signature sweet powdery base rears its ugly head.
6th June 2017