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    • aldehydes, powdery notes, floral notes, orris root, spices, tobacco, ambergris

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Opens with a fizzy boozy/aldehydic non-descript citrus this already...pleasant and delightful...has a pick me up feel to it...projects nicely but stays polite...get warm vanilla sugar cookies covered with flower my opinion , still remains airy and light and I would not consider this gourmand in any way...a fun for all summer evening fragrance...a mist of the citrus seems to hang out for a long time...another nice thing about this juice...
28th July 2020
Another gorgeous and peculiar feminine fragrance by Xerjoff. It's got light flowers, some aldehydes, sugar powder and vanilla butter but stays airy and not cloying. Instant love.
16th May 2020

A mysterious powdery-floral member of the Join the Club collection from Xerjoff! It seems to lean more towards the feminine side, IMO.

Fragrance notes: Aldehydes, powdery notes, orris root, floral notes, spicy notes, ambergris, tobacco

Fatal Charm starts out with a strong tangy punch from the lemony aldehydes, combined with an iris-like powdery touch that is so comforting! Orris comes through with its unmistakable powdery-violet accord, a fit presence alongside the iris. I detect something like licorice or anisette in this one, and some kind of resin as well (opoponax? olibanum? benzoin?); these may be part of the confidential list of notes not mentioned officially by Xerjoff.

Nonetheless, a really wonderful oriental-floral-resinous fragrance that women in particular ought to check out!
6th January 2019