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    • pepper, apple, green notes, vetiver, patchouli, lavender, earthy notes

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Wow, this one packs a spicy punch right from the gate! Join the Club: Birdie by Xerjoff smells regal, classy, and very expensive, full of depth and ready to speak volumes to the wearer and passers-by alike!

Fragrance notes: Patchouli, grass, soil tincture, sand, sea notes, pepper, apple

Dedicated to golf lovers, Birdie (golf analogy) truly evokes an outdoors experience. It's green, spicy, smelling of dry, pine-like woods that seem to reflect a waft from the trees on the edge of a golf course. The freshness of grass comes across well here - thanks to the well-crafted combo of bitter herbal patchouli and lavender, aromatic vetiver, and green cut lawn accord. And I can perceive the presence of soil, sand, and other artifacts like a nearby pond (via the sea notes) in a successful way. I noticed that, depending on the angle at which I sniffed the sample spritz off of my arm, I can catch various notes

This one really fascinates me through and through: It reflects the art of perfumery firsthand, showcasing the possibilities that can be "painted" by the clever use of and interplay of conventional AND unusual notes. Xerjoff ends up creating a scent that can be either an impressionistic marvel, or simply a bitter-aromatic-spicy EdP reflecting a bespoke heritage that screams "Elite"!
13th January 2019
best JOIN THE CLUB: birdie
very very nice… birdie
earthy, dusty (so nice)
patchouli (opulent)
Longevity (very long lasting 48 hours )
Sillage (enormous)

A true masterpiece worth every penny.

Scent: 10/10
20th October 2016

The opening of Birdie is pleasantly earthy, dusty, slightly sweet and woody, comprising notes of patchouli (particularly cocoa-sweet here) and something like synthetic oud - which is not listed, but I guess it may be that "soil tincture" note, whatever that is really. A subtle oak moss note and a classic "eau de cologne" head accord with bergamot and citrus notes provide a fairly traditional bone-structure. Finally a balsamic breeze contributes with a nice, bright, refreshing feel which cleverly contrasts the earthy-barn notes of patchouli, moss and wood. I really enjoy the contrasts here, with balsamic fresh notes chasing patchouli and woods, which overall also create a slight medicinal feel. An unusually creative and well-made scent - unusual for the average quality brand, I mean, which I personally considered (well, I still do) a quite trendy and uncreative brand. Birdie evolves then with the arising of herbal notes and a nice vetiver note which was initially almost unperceivable (perhaps the woody-balsamic feel was due to it), but then "grows" in strength and prominence. Also, a peculiar ozonic feel arises too, salty as well like vetiver, which creates a palpable feel of Mediterranean woods on the sea, with wood nuances blending with the sea breeze. The medicinal feel is there again, more in the sillage than on skin, and now with a bolder balsamic taste which kind of reminds me of Vicks Vaporub lotion. Still pleasant, though. Decent persistence, intriguing evolution, a bit close to skin on the drydown but pleasant. Finally a nice one from Xerjoff!

30th October 2014
The Birdie's initial earthy-rooty (and hesperidic slightly soapy-resinous) blast of aromatic greenness highlights some of the concepts behind this fragrance which aims to evoke the golf course atmosphere, its "olfactory ambience" and all the rituals proper of this royal sport. The opening is really earthy, vaguely peppery (may be hints of ginger and saffron swirl around) and herbal aromatic with a typical Join the Club's resinous aromatic luxuriousness provided by a classic bergamot-lavender accord, woody resins, aromatic patterns and dry spices. The aroma is by soon fresh, woodsy, evocative of cold untouched landscapes and incredibly herbal in a way you detect the lymphatic vibe of the grass, the wet earth perfume, the roots and the delicate aroma of undiscerned white floral patterns. Incredibly beautiful is this part under my nose. The classic herbal/hesperidic patchouli accord is gorgeous like the ideal perfume of nature. The note of patchouli is dominant, especially in this phase. It seems to detect something close to wildflowers and chamomile/mimosa or daisy but I could not swear about it while there is a touch of almost camphoraceous wetness, something like bitter herb/tobacco lingering along the central stage. I detect the woods, a touch of amber and oakmoss rounding the dry down which at the end smells vaguely soapy cosmetical like a woody fornitures brighting boise-floral foam. May be a touch of honey is included in the recipe. The dry down is far less "fragrant" and aromatic than the initial stage that is the best part of the whole olfactory experience for sure. The final trail is soapy-green heavenly delicacy.
16th July 2014