A fragrance dedicated to the history of polo.

Join The Club : 1862 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • basil, mint, green notes
  • Heart

    • iris, leather
  • Base

    • patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, musk

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This is really classy, i get a spicey green mossy opening shrouded in patchouli, then I start picking up on polished leather and iris in equal proportions, the iris takes the edge off the fumey leather and leaves it tamed, it is all underscored with a touch of vanilla to keep it sexy and less austere , ultra classy and luxurious in everyway. Longivity is 24hours with half of that projecting. The fragrance was launched and given to attendees of a prestigious polo event.. then went to Harrods as an exclusive, if you have a bottle treasure it.
1st October 2019
[Info culled from another blog: "Primarily the scent was handed out exclusively as a gift for the attendees of The Kent & Curwen Royal Charity Polo Cup on July 19th, 2014. Xerjoff was one of the sponsors of the event. Later the scent was exclusively available at Harrods, London."]

A rather rare scent, discontinued at the present time...

Xerjoff's Join the Club: 1862 (Polo) recreates the vibe of a typical equestrian event, chock of leather and spice to evoke the high-brow attendants present at such events. It has a nice, sweet resinous touch as well, and overall this has a masculine quality.

Magnificent performance, and a truly handsome scent that is opulent, royal and exclusive in quality - just like the Polo events it is meant to honor! :-)
30th January 2019

There was no way I was at the Polo Charity Event where Xerjoff had a concession and (apparently) handed this fragrance to British royalty who were present.

It had slipped under my radar though to test.

It's pretty brilliant -- spicy and sweet with a 'leathery' type drydown. I'd be surprised if benzoin doesn't play a part later on either.

The performance is unbelievable -- 3 or 4 sprays gets you 24 hours.

This would be another to add for smelling 'rich'.
13th March 2017