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John Varvatos (2011)

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Reviews of John Varvatos STAR USA by John Varvatos

There are 24 reviews of John Varvatos STAR USA by John Varvatos.

Crazy generic. Bought it for bargain basement prices. Nothing to see here, though probably better than cheap cologne.
Jun 10, 2018

Other than a cool bottle, this is very boring, unoriginal and uninspired, plus it barely lasts an hour. I'll try to give my bottle away.
Mar 4, 2018

Nice citrus in the opening mixed with some spicey-sweetness. Very pleasant and easy to wear.

Performance is pretty bad. Projection is moderate and the scent only hangs around for 1-2 hours.
Sep 21, 2017

Forget the notes.

This is again an utterly mediocre fresh-sporty-metallic-amber masculine fragrance that lacks both in quality and character. It smells cheap and bad.

Thankfully it lasts less than two hours.

Bonus points for the cool bottle.

Nov 13, 2016

I don't understand all the negativity towards this fragrance, it's a really nice woody aromatic with a touch of sweetness in the base. Subtle and elegant with an almost sherbertiness about it. Still wearing it to discover more but this is a real winner in my books!
Aug 7, 2016

This was like $15.00 tops for a massive bottle and I gave it away promptly. Even too gross in my gross smelling shoes. Bothersome bottle, and incredi-cheap smell. Don't consider.
Feb 15, 2016

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