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John Player Special (1984)


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John Player Special by John Player Special

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John Player Special
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John Player Special is a men's fragrance launched in 1984 by John Player Special

Reviews of John Player Special by John Player Special

There are 3 reviews of John Player Special by John Player Special.

This review is on the classic John Player Special Eau de Cologne (1984, amazing black bottle branded by a stylized brand mark logo "JPS"), main perfumed rendition of a luxury british Tobacco Company (Imperial Tobacco Group, founded in Nottingham)-style. Excellent vintage spicy aromatic fougère with a smoky/herbal formal vibe and several features in common with more renowned cousins a la Quorum, Pomellato Uomo, Jacopo de Jacomo, Marbert Men or Trussardi Action Uomo (and with a lesser extent Drakkar Noir). There is an aromatic on citrus/coniferous needles/lavender/herbal notes/aromatic spices-founded opening and gradually (through a spicy floral transition - geranium, carnation, cumin, pepper ??) a final woods-tobacco-oakmoss-ambergris/connection. Lavender, patchouli, probably cumin, artemisia and coniferous patterns are quite dominant throughout likewise dry woods and tobacco under my profane nose (R&G Open jump as well on mind for its fresh/aromatic/floral tobacco-rendition). Smokiness (well calibrated and just adumbrated, as supported by piquant spices and perhaps a tad of olibamum) is kind of ashy, cedary and rubbery a la Jacopo de Jacomo (which is darker, spicier and supported by resins which are in JPS even present but in a less massive way). Dry down introduces a sort of aromatic fresh tobacco-like soapiness even featured by lavender and aromatic spices (Quorum jumps definitely on mind also along this phase). Lavender is kind of dominant throughout with its super aromatic/barber-shop-vibe. The whole trip is herbal, bold and versatile (this is an everyday-fragrance). This by now "departed" creation is uncompromisingly virile and classically aromatic, definitely recommended if you are lucky enough to "exhume up" a leftover vintage bottled.

This fragrance is very inviting,warm and friendly. The fresh yet heady scent will turn any woman's head. It beats anything I have been interested in in the past. A perfect blend earth,water,and fire. The snuggle factor of this fragrance is over the top!

A real surprice at low cost. When i first bought it the price almost deterred me, thinking it's too cheap too be high quality. Yet it is both very refined and persistent, unlike probably anything else in it's rather low-price cathegory.It's very aquatic, the first impression being very antiseptic and relaxing somewhat like a good-quality soap or showergel. But after a few minutes it evolves way beyond the sensations of arefreshing shower into more musky, slightly sweeter and spicier notes yet without losing its essentially masculine elegance. A very inspiring and simple, yet anything else than commonplace male fragrance.

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