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Jitterbug by Opus Oils

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Jitterbug is a women's perfume launched in 2008 by Opus Oils

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Reviews of Jitterbug by Opus Oils

There are 3 reviews of Jitterbug by Opus Oils.

Many of the fragrances from this line end up smelling the same in the dry down and this one is no exception. It smells like a mixture of aromatherapy oils.

I love Jasmine and really was excited to try this scent. It is big and in your face upfront and I dont get much after that. I agree with the previous review that it kind of seems unfinished. Opus oils Burlesque frags are much more complicated and interesting.

Jasmine and honeysuckle introduce Jitterbug. They are of the green grassy variety, like the jasmine found in Keiko Mecheri's brand. No detection of lemon essence whatsoever. Orange blossom distinctively enters after the 5 minute intro is complete. It is fresh, light, a bit unremarkable. The listed basenotes have my mind wandering as I wait for their appearance...which ends up a bit 'un-finished'. My overall opinion of Jitterbug is un-finished as well. Neutral. Just can't be budged one way or the other.

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