Jimmy Choo Man fragrance notes

    • lavender, honeydew melon, pink pepper, pineapple leaf, suede, patchouli

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Whoa - this is like walking into the men's cologne department of a big Macy's any time since 2003, like the smell of every stereotypical mass-market masculine cliche ingredient all mixed together.

That fake pineapple from Polo Blue and sweet, artificial pine dominate the topnotes, but that metallic artificial lavender buzz that seems to define cheap men's scents of this century is the real star.

Once the pine/pineapple burns off, I'm left with a silvery violet leaf fougere. It reminds me of Polo Green, but modernized with salty sea air and creamy ambox, so I guess it's kind of like Polo Green and Cool Water had a baby.

In a way, I'm unimpressed that this so clearly feels like someone tried to make a hit perfume by combining the famous elements of other hit perfumes. But this fruity/woody aquatic fougere genre often degrades to bleachy "woody amber" nightmares, so I'm impressed that Jimmy Choo Man avoids these pitfalls and focuses instead on the better aspects of a troubled genre.

All things considered, I have to give this a neutral vote, because despite it being passable, everything it does has been done better elsewhere.
29th June 2021
Probably the most synthetic fragrance I've smelled from the 2010's. Now, the average person passing on the street might think “hm that smells good”, but I find it brings me nothing but annoyance. It's very sweet, and the opening is fine, but it absolutely reminds me of so many 90's men's fragrances... nice opening, then quickly smells cheap and utterly synthetic to the bone. The kind of drydown I just want to scrub off as soon as I possibly can. Chemically, fake, cheap, yuck.
19th August 2019

OMG this one is rough. It's like they wanted to pick every synthetic compound and put them all together to have a loud, obnoxious, strong performing, attention grabber (in a bad way) -- without paying any attention to what the result might even smell like. It just doesn't smell good to me. When I've become accustomed to my fragrances being smooth, this is completely rough around the edges, and can't seem to make up its mind which direction to go.

I wanna say this is a lavender-centric scent, but to be honest, it's hard to even decipher, because there is so much going on. I'm getting wafts of synthetic fruity notes, foul suede accord, grassy components and gourmands?? A green gourmand?? While it could be interesting if composed well, it's not here.

Though I have smelled worse, this one is a good example of modern marketing. I'm sure people buy it for the name and tell their friends they are wearing "Jimmy Choo" and don't really care how they smell, just the fact that they're wearing "Jimmy Choo".

Though I am deterred, I do plan on trying the flankers to this, and giving them a shot; but I may avoid making the regretful decision in buying a full bottle again. Fortunately I only paid about 10 bucks, for a 90% used bottle, I don't think this is worth more than that!
27th July 2019
Jimmy Choo Man (2014) is the debut entry into men's fragrance from the high-end shoe maker, and although it might feel common now that many other fragrances have come out in it's wake emulating what it had to offer, the fresh, clean, sweet, and bold scent of Jimmy Choo Man actually presaged many of the fruity amber-woods scents which now proliferate shopping malls. Anne Flipo was brought on board, and having done Invictus (2013) for Paco Rabanne the year before, plus having done some extensive work for both L'Artisan Parfumeur and Yves Saint Laurent (particularly in the L'Homme line), she seemed like a perfect fit. Indeed, what Anne concocted would be the next stepping stone towards the loud synthetic amber bomb new-age powerhouses we suffer today, but thankfully she didn't imbue this scent with quite the same volume. Now, I like do like some fruity fresh stuff from this genre, like Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue (2016), they're usually the exception to the rule, and not an embodiment of the rule itself. Jimmy Choo Man created a style that has now been mimicked a half-dozen times or more since it's release, and the only bit of sympathy I can have for it is that most of its plagiarists have overshadowed it in popularity, but pity points can only go so far. In a nutshell, this is the "Ur Sweet Woody-Amber", as Bleu de Chanel (2010) pioneered the use of synthetic amber and synthetic woods together under a pyramid of cool, peppery notes, but it wasn't necessarily going for sweet, and more of a bridge between aquatics and where we ended up in the 2010's.

Jimmy Choo Man really feels like it builds upon Paco Rabanne Invictus, but not by adding to the formula and making a more sophisticated experience, but by swapping out some top notes and riding on the same base, taking the same basic scent in a slightly different direciton. The scent opens with a surprising return of the late 80's/early 90's synthetic staple known as calone; that damnable melon-like shimmery note that ended up in everything "fresh" made from the end of the former decade to damn near the end of the latter, but here calone is molded into a richer fruity cocktail with a pineapple note, lemon, and a round lavender. Off the top, this 90's to 2010's bridge is made in my mind, but I don't know how many younger men who've had no experience with a bottle of Aramis New West (1988) or Calvin Klein Escape for Men (1993) will make that connection. It's pleasant enough and not very loud, but the opening soon gives way to a chemical bath of pink pepper, patchouli, and Iso E Super, which helps make the fruity notes shine even harder. base notes are rather droll, with white patchouli (whatever that is), a synth suede note, ambroxan, norlimbanol, and musk. The slightly whimsical fruity opening and aromachemical heart is an interesting melding of decades, but the base follows the same riff every major designer has tried since Bleu de Chanel first defined this direction. Wear time is decent at about 7 hours, but sillage is only moderate for something that by rights should be louder by its very nature.

Because of Jimmy Choo Man, the world received such fruit-topped amberwoods wonders as Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue (which I like), Jean Paul Gaultier Le Mâle Eau Fraiche (2016), Emporio Armani Stronger WIth You (2017), Y for Men by Yves Saint Laurent (2017), Acqua di Giò Absolu (2018), and countless others I'm probably leaving out. I don't hate this, but I've smelled this or it's children so many times that I have a hard time investing in it emotionally, and Jimmy Choo Man just sort of comes across as "the way guys smell" now, and that generic association isn't a good thing. Dylan Blue had this neat soapy factor which tied it in slightly to the fougères of old, which complimented its modern fruitiness, which is probably why I liked it, but Jimmy Choo Man just serves up the same dish without anything besides throwback calone in it's top. I like calone when in a relevant composition, but like in so many also-ran scents of the 90's which are utterly forgettable, tossing calone into a modern composition just to get that "melon smell" when it doesn't really relate much to the rest of the scent just makes it seem like an awkward try-hard attempt to stand out. I'll let you all be the judge of that for yourselves, but for me, I can't really feel anything other than indifferent about Jimmy Choo Man, but I give it credit where credit is due for starting a trend. Neutral rating for me, this is a fruity freshie for guys who don't really like wearing fragrance but feel they have to in certain contexts. Blah.
11th November 2018
FIrst time today with a full wearing and I just wanna say this is a terrific smelling fragrance! I see where people are saying that there is a slight nod to BdC. I sort of get that in the very first few minutes of the opening....but honestly, it's fleeting and not really all that close to my nose.

What I do get in the dry down though is something that reminds me of a more mature version of A&F First Instinct believe it or not. Kind of this semi-sweet fruity/airy/spicy/suede thing going on. Very nice!!!

People complain about longevity, but I used 3 sprays(on clothes, in full disclosure)applied 7hrs ago and I still smell it just fine. I would even say the first 3-4hrs it was projecting nicely. Sure, it's nothing super unique...but at $26 for a 100ml, it's a great smelling and good performing frag IMO. Very pleased with this blind buy!
16th December 2017
Jimmy Choo Man is, to me , a nice every day cologne. I just got it today as a box set with the deodorant and after shave for $24. I pick up the pink pepper and fruity notes with the first 30 minutes and it dries down with more of a woodsy scent but very light. I wish i was smelling more suede, as i feel it would make this scent more...sophisticated i guess. It almost reminds me of Gucci Guilty once it dries down.
I wouldn't buy it again, but for the price and size, I couldnt pass it up
6th August 2017
Jimmy Choo Man is light and sweet, not something you would expect from most men's fragrances, which makes it somewhat unique and refreshing.

I don't mind it at all as a spring/summer go-to.
15th July 2017
Opens very bright and fruity..must be the melon and pineapple..slowly becomes a bit floral and synthetic with a slight hint of leather ..I find it very feminine and kinda reminds me of a lot of generic female fragrances. I do like this scent tho and it's at a great price point at the time of writing, I think it will garner lots of compliments due to its universally pleasing smell but it's not interesting or unique in anyway.
2nd March 2017
Not bad, generic starts off smelling like every other Citrus Fougare with spices added. It does grow on me over time. I like the dry-down more than the opening.
5th July 2016
This is strictly a summer scent and oh boy does it get me compliments. Not terribly strong and quite fruity, but I enjoy it and it seems others do too. If you're looking for something to wear out for a lunch etc this would be a great option.
4th July 2016
I actually like this one better than Sauvage, but not as good as BdC.
The reason why I prefer this is, firstly, it can be had for not that much money in comparison to the others (except A&F Fierce but IMHO that scent barely wearable), and secondly, it's light, but in a good way. I don't mean that the projection and longevity are bad -- that's not what I mean...I mean that, usually, these types of scents often give me a headache, but Jimmy Choo man, for whatever reason, does not. Not original at all, but not a bad scent. It's generally pleasant and it's not a stench bomb like BdC. Definitely office wear approved, just don't go wild...1-2 sprays, that's it.
1st May 2016
Scents like this annoy me to no end. It actually smells nice. It could easily have been an alternative to Blue De Chanel and subsequently Sauvage if not for one huge ISSUE...It lasts less than 120 minutes before it becomes an almost undetectable skin scent. A huge let down.

I appreciate Bleu De but find it way to popular and I don't like smelling like every other guy (im almost about to give my bottle of Versace Eros to my nephew or someone). This would've been a very successful fragrance had it contained more quality ingredients and lasted about 6 more hours. Its the scent mostly every designer is aiming for these days...An easy to like generic scent for the masses. A scent that amazes for the time it takes to smell a tester strip and catches people in that instance to buy. Unfortunately paying this scents retail to smell good for the length of a short movie is a rip off and should be avoided unless you really love the smell.

I will say that this scent would've been the first of the generic commercial frags released recently that I'd have owned. If only it lasted. The many samples I used to draw my conclusions were used up very quickly. This may be only suited for warm weather where the heat will take the performance to perhaps the 4 hour range...lol. For that reason I'd consider buying this if it were under $35 along with a healthy pocket atomizer.

Simply put...a very generic but wonderfully up beat commercial crowd pleaser that becomes a skin scent b4 halftime.


27th April 2016