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Jimmy Choo (2018)

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Reviews of Jimmy Choo Fever by Jimmy Choo

There are 3 reviews of Jimmy Choo Fever by Jimmy Choo.

Imagine being at a corporate evening dinner wearing a plum velvety dress, black outerwear, eating creame brulée with some other vanilla desert and sipping in some champagne.the original Jimmy Choo is more heady and sharp - at least in the beginning, but this is such a well - rounded, yummy gourmand from the very first spritz.this scent is powdery,lightly floral and sweet,but ever so slightly tart and laced with vanilla.

The first time: sweet pink pepper,plum open this for me,later followed by strong vanilla, joined by tonka bean in the end. the plum always in the background. the second time: chocolate covered plum dusted with nutmeg that later become a soft,yet spicy heliotrope that then becomes a delicious boozy vanilla reminiscent of Mon Guerlain's dry down. when your body heats up,this one gives of the most spectacular scent trail.not candy sweet, more mature maybe let's say if you think Black Opium is too much, this is a scent for you.
Oct 23, 2021

Black cherry soda and a touch of Coca-Cola over rather pedestrian pink pepper. There's a tiny pinch of mint on top and I suspect that some space-age ionone violets are actually doing most of the work here. The whole vibe reminds me of Guerlain's Robe Noir series (probably because of the cherry), but Fever is simultaneously more crowd-pleasingly candy-like, but also feels more carefully crafted.

It settles into a smell after a while that I can best describe as cherry cola over a violet fruitchouli base. As far as mass-market fruitchoulis, the cola/cherry/violet combination is fun and a surprisingly clever, deft mix for something so clearly aimed at perfume newbies. It's no work of baroque parfum artistry, but for what it is, Fever is quite well done. Thumbs up.

Jun 29, 2021

If I had to wait a fruity, floral gourmand that’s light enough for summer, I would choose this. Modern, with grapefruit and jasmine to keep it from being too sweet.
Oct 27, 2018

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