Jil Sander Man Pure (new) 
Jil Sander (2004)

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About Jil Sander Man Pure (new) by Jil Sander

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Jil Sander
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Fabien Baron
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This update of the 1981 original version contains notes of musk and vanilla. The bottle was inspired by a hip-flask and designed by Fabien Baron.

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Reviews of Jil Sander Man Pure (new) by Jil Sander

There are 9 reviews of Jil Sander Man Pure (new) by Jil Sander.


A fragrance in a obvious way. JSP is very clean and very fresh.watery and summery.not excellent but soft and light.it is nice discreet should be good for modern man.

The base notes is good and the longevity is average on my skin.i wore it in hot days and at home for all kinds of reasons to relax!i think Good for the ofiice too.

Jun 1, 2015

Very light and refreshing. A perfect summer fragrance. It lasts very long, too. My only issue is that the vanilla becomes a bit overwhelming towards the end. I also wouldn't wear it every day; I get a little sick of it after wearing it a few days in a row. But when I put it aside for a while and then use it again, I'm struck every time by just how lovely it is.
Jul 30, 2014

A vanilla scent. Dry and ethereal instead of sweet and mellow.I really would like to give it a thumbs up but...... after a few days I got an allergic skin reaction, probably due to the "Pure Air Transparent Molecule".Beware!
Feb 1, 2009

This scent shares the same unfortunate characteristic that Gucci Rush has on me - it disappears within two hours - but it's still there numerous hours later, awaiting reactivation with a bit of perspiration.My initial impression was much like that of the other reviewers - ho hum, and short lasting to boot. But I was astounded 7 or 8 hours later "what is that wonderful scent (among the many I'd sprayed on my arms that day) wafting everywhere?". Sure enough, it was Pure Man. I was amazed that a scent I'd dismissed so quickly earlier that day, I now thought was absolutely delightful. I went and bought it next day.Rating it is somewhat difficult. If I were rating it as an anytime scent, I'd have to give it a neutral. Rating it as a scent worn when one is likely to perspire as in summer, or in the gym or while dancing, it's a definite thumbs up.Renato
Sep 8, 2008

This is what the exosphere would smell like. A dissolving limpid vanilla and tepid sandalwood.
Aug 8, 2008

Where does this scent go? It's so pure (read: light, fleeting, ephemereal, what have you) that it hovers on your skin like a butterfly – and then just dies. There's about half an hour of incredibly fresh scents, like mineral water and barely ripe juniper berries dancing on the topmost surface of citrus, but you certainly do need to refreshen that gin-like freshness. All in all, the very essence of joyful, uncomplicated cool. And fickle immaturity, sad to say.
May 4, 2006

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