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Jeunesse fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blackcurrant, raspberry
  • Heart

    • pomegranate
  • Base

    • musks

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Latest Reviews of Jeunesse

Juicy blend of black current and raspberry. It reminds me of something I've nibbled on, decades ago: hard candies or some gummy, chewy treats. Tart pomegranate emerges. Musky tone, later. Jeunesse is a pretty good fruit-laden fragrance. A bit different from other fruit offerings, that can be totally corrupt with peach.

Smells somewhat soapy, hours later on the skin.
28th November 2018
Black currant, raspberry, pomegranate, and musk; this smells like a nice shampoo, and youthful as the name suggests.
14th November 2016

The blackcurrant In the opening is very nice, as is the raspberry impression that follows soon - a note possibly underused by others. He pomegranate in the drydown is also lovely. Not really very sweet in my skin, this is a bright fruit cocktail, simple but well executed.

As far as performance is concerned, I get moderate sillage, good projection a and an impressive longevity of seven hours. Fruity mix for not-too-warm summer days. 3.25/5
4th January 2015