Jeu d'Amour Eau de Toilette fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pear, citrus blossom
  • Heart

    • tuberose, freesia
  • Base

    • cedarwood, white musk

Latest Reviews of Jeu d'Amour Eau de Toilette

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Nasty and senseless chemical fruity floral. Shallow.
9th September 2016
Totally synthetic 'fruity floral' with a dog whistle note so penetrating it hurts.

If this is the Game of Love ... I'm taking a Vow of Abstinence.
14th August 2016

The top note is a bit fruitier than the original released previous year, but still citrus-based, with a similar floral drydown.
The base is different, with a light musky bent and a tonka background, not really sweet though. Overall lighter, softer sillage and projection with three hours of longevity. 2/5
17th July 2015