Launched in October 2014, as part of the company's 'By Request' collection, and named after the location of Floris' London headquarters where they have been based for over 280 years.

The company say:

Jermyn Street has the feel of measured and refined elegance, understated class and style. This is reflected in the fragrance we have created. From our shop on Jermyn Street in St James's, Floris has no need to look far for inspiration. The scent brings together a celebration of the immediate world around us, where we still develop and sell our fragrance with all the diversity and excitement that offers. Jermyn Street in 1730 was a world of enterprise, excitement and migration that brought with it knowledge and opportunity. 284 years later we observe little has changed.

The fragrance brings together the unhurried pace of a crackling fire. The cutting edge galleries du jour where bright young things rise or fall. The upward swirl of cigar smoke on the corner. The fresh, crisp cotton of its renowned shirt makers all beginning with Henry Jermyn. We've drawn in our take on notes of gin and the old copper stills, with a splash of lemon. To the London plane - London’s most common tree and those that still stand around the store today , London bricks and portland stone. An iconic modern classic, which captures the essence of Jermyn Street throughout the centuries.

The fragrance was relaunched in August 2015.

Jermyn Street fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Mandarin, Green Vetiver, Violet
  • Heart

    • Coriander, Vetiver, Armoise, Juniper Berry
  • Base

    • Amber, Cedarwood, Musk, Vetiver

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Latest Reviews of Jermyn Street

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Those who have a broader breadth of experience with scents than myself, especially in regards to unisex or masculine florals, may admittedly find this scent underwhelming. I'm seeing a lot of reviews on various sites that say it smells like a generic, straightforward, or or otherwise unremarkable cologne; I don't think I have enough experience sampling fragrances yet to dispute their opinions.

However, as someone who enjoys scents that are unisex or skew masculine, and who struggles to find florals that don't seem very perfume-ish or overly sweet (whether by default or with my body chemistry) Jermyn Street has been a delight. It's an incredibly pleasant scent that leans masculine while remaining, in my opinion, quite light and delicate. Though I imagine it'll become a spring months scent for me, since I prefer more citrus for the summer heat, I've been enjoying wearing it around the house during the colder months as a little pick me up. It makes me want to try more artemisia scents, and I have a newfound fondness for violet.
17th November 2022
Dreadful sour balsamic astringent fresh start developing to the same minus the fresh becoming increasingly powdery. I guess if you have a certain look and fashion... And to think they discontinued the excellent 1672.

11th July 2022

An elegant tip of the hat to the traditional eau de cologne but done with a modern twist. JERMYN STREET opens fresh and herbaceously aromatic, the citrus note interspersed with the bracing greens of juniper berries and the bite of artemisia. It settles down quickly to a faint woody amber which is undoubtedly synthetic in nature but given this house's typical lighthanded approach, compliments the fleeting top notes rather well.

Not the best of performers by any accounts but for its genre, it does the job admirably enough. And like a 2-minute roller coaster ride I really don't mind re-applying it just to relive the exhilarating experience all over again.
14th May 2018
The first Floris I've purchased (although I have been tempted by Elite) I find it to be extraordinary. A fabulous scent for the Spring and Summer, it is light, fresh, but with just enough backbone to last a good number of hours. The citrus fades through the dry-down, and what's left is a barber-shop infused elegance that seems perfect for just about any (upbeat) occasion. This scent was recommended to me by the gent in the store here in Chicago, and it has surprised me ever since. Not the staid, "Londoner" that I had expected at all.
13th August 2017
I find this to be a bit brash. Similar to Floris' Elite + JF. Green, juniper and vetiver, surrounded by bergamot and spices. Sporty, "fresh" and a bit ozonic. Much like Casswell-Massey's reformulated Greenbriar. Dusky green, musk dry-down -- BIG overall, not subtle.
21st June 2016