Jennifer Aniston / Lolavie fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus grove accord, rose water
  • Heart

    • jasmine, wild violet, amazon lily
  • Base

    • musk, amber, sandalwood

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Latest Reviews of Jennifer Aniston / Lolavie

Absolutely love the Jasmine which is about all I am getting right now from this fragrance! It's been an hour on and it's fading too fast!
I would Love this to be stronger and project more!
I am getting a tiny bit of musk and sandlewood as it begins to die down to a skin scent, but mainly a beautiful soft Jasmine which makes my mood lift and I want to keep smelling my wrists...This is happing within an hour..
One would have to not mind carrying this in purse to keep the initial scent. A lotion for the body may help carry this...
It is so very similar to an old go to favorite of mine, from 1979 which is Jovan Night Blooming Jasmine!
I must say it's a beautiful,soft clean smell,in which I would not mind my clothes being washed in this...My sheets being sprayed in this before sleep..
Saying that is not at all a put down!
This smell I wouldn't mind smelling on everything I own...A lovely scent!!I have to give it a positive for it's a fantastic mood elevating scent, even though it would be nice if it were a bit stronger...I am the type of person who likes to leave a trail of me having walked through a room and that it's not doing for me! IMO A good buy for people who do not want to chance offending anyone at their job or whatever the case may be!Perfect scent for a nurse or a doctor!
6th March 2017
I was prepared to dislike this, as Jennifer Aniston is not one of my favorite actresses, but I was surprised to find a nice, clean, fresh fragrance, ideal for warmer weather.

Within 10 minutes it had turned into a Bounce sheet.

Within the hour it was completely gone.

Tried it again on a hot, humid, day and the same thing occurred. I'll save my money for a more lasting fragrance, or at the very least a box of Bounce sheets.
8th September 2012

This to me is Beachy and sexy. I can't count how many times people have asked what I am wearing. I find it's in the same realm as Jglow and breathless by Victorias Secret. But this one is perfect and no way like sand and sable which some people say. I tried sand and sable. My husband said I smelled old.
So note to self, NEVER sample that again. Lol
27th August 2012
Jennifer Aniston is a crisper, cleaner, more austere, floral version of the already super clean "Gendarme". The press materials indicate that the bottle was based on the work of Frank Gehry, but the scent itself brings to mind another architect: John Pawson. JA is the scent of polished cement floors, floor to ceiling glass, vaulted ceilings, and orderly, minimalist furnishings after the maid (with OCD) has done her thing. There is a biting astringency to the fragrance, as if behind the lovely scent of expensive floral arrangements you can still smell the cleaning products that have scrubbed the room of any flaw and imperfection. This is the scent of order.

I really like it. Definitely unisex. Longevity could be better. I alternate it with "Gendarme" when I want the same "freshly scrubbed and dry cleaned" effect but in a different scent.

25th May 2012
(I enjoyed Sherapop's thorough review.) While waiting for the Target Pharmacy to get my order close to correct this afternoon, I visited the anchored perfume bottles from which one can sample only by putting a body part in front of a fixed sprayer. I already knew I didn't like the other celebrescents, so I sampled Aniston's and felt a mild attraction for the citrus and floral. Conclusion: If the same recipe were made of quality ingredients rather than cost-conscious synthetics, I'd probably really like it, especially if I were 40 years younger.
5th March 2012
I wouldnt spend my money on it again. The smell is quite like antiseptic or tide, hardly a fresh scent that one enjoys after a shower. Sad to say the stores in Doha, Qatar have no idea about fragrance notes, including Sephora. The fragrance does not last long, and is completely gone by the end of the day. Better luck next time.
17th January 2012
I vaguely recall having read at some point during the height of Jennifer Aniston's "Woman Scorned World Tour" that she was one of the celebrities whose favorite perfume was produced by the house of Clean. Then of course there is her ad campaign for Smart Water: the implication being that the Woman Scorned is clean and pure, unlike the vamp who stole her man. Given all of this background, I cannot really claim to be surprised that Ms. Aniston's new perfume smells like a cross between one of the Clean compositions and the Philosophy fragrance which smacks of Dow Aerosol Bathroom cleaner (I believe it is INNER GRACE).

LOLAVIE or JENNIFER ANISTON, whatever it is named, opens with a slightly caustic quality very reminiscent to my nose of household cleaning products. I'd say that it very nearly crosses over the line and may well incorporate some of the IFF accords being used to scent household antibacterial wipes, powders, and sprays. The quality is not exactly sharp, as in sharp floral green perfumes, for example. No, it's more industrial to my nose. Fortunately, the opening subsides relatively quickly, leaving behind something pretty close to a middling hotel soap facsimile. Is this woman obsessed with hygiene or what? Perhaps her nemesis wears civet bombs and that is real reason why her marriage came to an end.
9th November 2011
I think Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston is a lovely floral perfume -- a jasmine, lots of rose, and lily. I don't get the citrus. About 4.5 hours later, it's so very faint, but still there, and mostly jasmine at that point. Sillage is virtually nonexistent on this one. There are so many complaints about its poor longevity and sillage -- that is true. But keep in mind, low projection and its lovely floral smell mean that this would be the perfect scent for Winston Smith. I can see him surreptitiously pulling it out of his drawer in the Ministry of Truth, to give himself a warm reminder of flowers amidst the gloom of his workplace. Or even spritzing it secretively in that corner of his room, where the cameras don't reach, right before he updates his verboten journal. And no one would ever know, because he has no sillage.

There's no patchouli in this one. And I agree with someone else's review I read somewhere that I can't remember, that it smells kind of like a flavor of Tide brand laundry detergent.
11th September 2011
I'm not good at picking out each individual note like other, more experienced reviewers, so I do not get that initial "blast of citrus" that has been described here. What I do get is a very strong Jasmine note that lasts for about 10 minutes, then it dries down to a very soft, very subtle "beachy" smell. The strength of this perfume lies in it's softness. After the first 10 minutes, it has almost no sillage and people will have to get very close to smell it on you. Because of this, I find it ideal for when I'm alone and just want a "personal" perfume, or when I'm around friends who have issues with perfumes (allergies, etc). It's also really nice for cuddling with the hubby, because he enjoys the scent.

The big downfall of Jennifer Aniston is that there is not much longevity. I have to spray it 5 or 6 times on my neck/chest area just to get it to stick at all, and it fades away completely after 2 or 3 hours. Because of that, I'm going through my bottle very quickly. I don't regret buying the perfume, and I think it is a very nice soft scent for summer (particularly for those of us that live in hot climates). I'm just not sure that I will repurchase when my bottle is gone and/or the weather cools down.
5th June 2011
I tried this at Sephora and they were (as always!) accomodatingly kind enough to make me a sample. To be honest, I thought this would be just another celeb attempt at a foray in the fragrance market but was refreshinginly mistaken. This opens with a nice burst of citrus and in about 10-15 mins the heart notes of Lily and Jasmine become nicely evident with a hint of a "beachy" accord somewhere in there. The Lily adds just enough to make this not your typical Jasmine scent and it's beautiful. The scent does bring to mind the beach, fresh-off-the-clotheline laundry and a beautiful clean soap but all in a very good way. It's fairly priced and I would certainly purchase a bottle. Just an idea but I think a selection of body products in this scent would be a nice accompanient...think deodorant/antiperspirant, a body lotion or a a body butter! Nice job, JA!
24th April 2011
Surprisingly, this is a very well done green/floral fragrance. As usual, I feel it's quite unisex but then I always do! Starts out with a burst of citrus accompanied by a hint of the green leaves of the citrus grove. As it settles a floral accord comes through but not a girly skipping in the daisies floral, a sensible restrained and rather beautiful lily/jasmine. As far as celebrity scents go, this really has the feel of real work and attention to detail. I believe Jennifer really did put a lot of effort into the creative angle of this scent, and it shows. Comes off quite natural and lasts very well. All round thumbs up from me for sure!
1st April 2011
Tried this at "The Perfume Shop" on a cardboard strip. It reminded me of another scent but I couldn't put a name to it, although it does smell like a bar of creamy 1970s soap.

Hours later, having left the cardboard strip in an enclosed dark place, the smell puts me in mind of the scent of just-ironed laundry, where you've used a steam iron or pressed the linen/clothes while they're damp. Maybe the smell that's in the back of my mind *was* a 1970s laundry detergent or bar of soap? I can't pin it down.

I'd love it if someone with a better memory recall would test this and say what I'm half-remembering.

I'm giving it a neutral rating because I didn't get to try it on my skin and because it seems to fit Ms Aniston's reported brief (not a "notice me!" Perfume but a gentle, quiet, soft ambience of cleanliness).

23rd January 2011