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Jeke by Slumberhouse

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Jeke is a men's fragrance launched in 2008 by Slumberhouse

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There are 40 reviews of Jeke by Slumberhouse.

Last year I have received a large decant of Slumberhouse Jeke. My fragrance mate told me it's the best tobacco best perfume on the market today.

First things first, it's not a tobacco based perfume for me. It is really heavy on benzoin, some resins and has got some vanilla to make it more spicy. A lot of people described Jeke as being very smoky. It's not smoky to me. It is resinous, sticky and sweet. It may have some noble alcohol notes deep inside (rum perhaps?)

The presentation is not on par with what I get. Generally not bad, but I've expected something else.

New (2022) version: I totally change my opinion on Jeke. Not only this version is significantly more smoky on my skin, I get a lot more tobacco - mostly tobacco smoke, but also some raw, strong, unsmoked tobacco. Generally from what I've heard previous version had very smoky component in it - which is cade. Funny enough, new version wins this battle, for me of course. I agree it tends to be leaning herbaceous, immortelle like, but I freakin' love it! Reminds mi just a little bit, a tiny little bit of Pineward Steading.

Today I was wearing Jeke by Slumberhouse again and giving it my full attention. Really LOVE this one – tobacco, incense, patchouli – three of my favorite notes, what’s not to love!

The tobacco in this smells “authentic”, like a moist packet of sweet tobacco or a very expensive cigar, not synthetic at all to me. And to my nose it is unapologetically masculine (though there is some room here for it to be unisex I suppose). I’m not a big fan of overly sweet frags and this one definitely is not – there is a background sweetness for sure, but the tobacco and smoky incense keep center stage during the entire show. This was rather linear on me, but I didn’t mind since I love it from the first spray. As it begins to really fade it becomes like a powdery tobacco on me, which I can appreciate. I never got any of that boozy whiskey that some have described. While this lasted a long time on my skin (about 9 hours), it really was mostly a skin scent with very little projection. People standing several feet from me could not smell me, and it wasn’t until they were within a foot or so that they picked it up. In Jeke’s defense, I purchased one of the last 10 ml glass spray samples from the Perfumed Court so it’s possible the juice was fading and a fresher supply might project more.

I’m saddened this has been discontinued as I like it that much – while I could never see myself having a signature scent considering how many frags I really love already and how many more I might discover, if I did have a potential candidate for a signature, this one would be a contender. I would wear this to work or out for the evening, and I’d wear it just about anytime except for maybe in the heat of summer.

I will using this sparingly, not because I wouldn’t wear it frequently, but because I have so little left!

As always, your results may vary!

A walk through the late autumn evening. Streetlights illuminate the wet pavement, the puddles casting monochrome reflections of the season. Wool coat, leather buckles, ingrained with the scent of tobacco and timelessness. The smoke of burning leaves hangs in the air, as a remembrance to the dying season. Your breath dances in the air like autumn fog. It's going to be winter soon.

Note: This review is based on the latest version of Jeke, produced in 2019 and sold in the new bottles which feature a squat, oval-like shape and have the names etched in glass on the front.

Though it's listed in the little blurb describing Jeke, Cade doesn't appear in the note pyramid here, and it's perhaps the most important note in the entire composition. Cade is described as having a dry, smokey smell reminiscent of burning wood and at times even smelling tar-like, with a caustic, phenolic odor. It's exceptionally present in Jeke, a fragrance which smells very much like burning wood mixed with tobacco and patchouli, and a resinous, unsweetened amber. Cade's smokiness is prominent throughout the development of Jeke, and as it evolves it takes on what I can only describe as a distinct saltiness--almost like the salty smell of skin that's dried after having been licked. It's important to note that this doesn't come across to me as a very "dark" smokiness, or a particularly dark scent in general. Despite its smokiness, and the use of tobacco, Jeke isn't in the same dark category as something like Black Tourmaline or Sombra Negra, or CDG's BLACK. I see it more as having paler shades of wood with gray and white smokey whisps swirling through it.

Jeke is one of Slumberhouse's more simple and direct scents. It reminds me in many ways of the very dialed-in Sixes & Sevens, which centered around woods, in comparison to Jeke which centers around cade and tobacco. The tobacco in Jeke is noticeable as a slightly sweet, fragrant, aromatic quality that seems to exist almost separate from the cade (though both notes work well together). It's a true tobacco note, unembellished by spices or sweeter notes, and is more subtle than one might expect it to be. The benzoin begins early, just as a sort of resinous but unsweetened impression, then it emerges more distinctly in the late dry down in Jeke's base, developing some of the vanillic sweetness benzoin is known for while becoming a bit more prominent in comparison to the other notes. The patchouli in Jeke is soft and vague, providing the background with earthiness, but never dominating or really announcing itself at any particular time.

Overall, Jeke gives the impression of smoky woods, which to me always translates to something of a rural, "countryside" appeal, laid back and suited for flannel shirts and days spent outside in the fresh fall air, with evenings reading by the fireplace. It's pretty safe too, in my opinion, with very few challenging notes or "weird" smells peeking through. And as is always the case with Slumberhouse, the ingredients are vivid and pure, demonstrating a naturalness and high quality that are rare, and which the house has become well-known for while establishing an impressive cult following. Performance of Jeke is more in line with the typical extraits, i.e., reserved projection with excellent 12 to 16 hour longevity. I would score Jeke a very nice, 8.5/10. Although it's not among my very favorites of the Slumberhouse line, it's definitely up there in the top third. Jeke is now available as part of the latest Slumberhouse roll out featuring a new bottle design and the re-release of several previous house classics. If you're new to the brand, now is a great time to get involved.

UPDATE: Well call me a monkey's turns out Cade isn't even in the newest iteration of Jeke. It's something else. I don't know what but it's been confirmed that there is no Cade here. I maintain that it smells like warm, burning wood, and to my experience, Cade, but apparently it's a different substance.

This is a LOVE for all you smoke fans out there. Light Tom Ford on fire and he might smell like this(NO ONE WOULD OR SHOULD EVER DO THIS, have you seen Nocturnal Animals??? Worn one of his suits??? Smelled any of his classics perfumes?).

This does share SOME similarity with Tobacco Vanille but the Tobacco in Jeke is definitely on fire, thanks to the heavy hit of Cade(don't worry, the blending is heavenly and it doesn't overpower the sweetness or herbal qualities of this little gem).

I'm a smoke man(HYDE, Patchouli 24). I love this. I want it. I probably won't buy it. Slumberhouse price increase looks to be brutal and I need a bottle of Norne, so Jeke probably loses out.

I'm putting all 10 of my thumbs up(I'm all thumbs).

EDIT –- it's available now at the lower price point. GO GET IT.

powerful , aromatic , full on smell of rich thick juicy tobacco leaf...the tobacco is so intense it is almost animalistic...smoky incense flavoring...this particular tobacco note sort off reminds me of the tobacco in TF Tobacco Vanille , but of course , without the vanilla...something i am picturing John Wayne or Clint Eastwood smelling like in their Westerns..sort of linear...just playing back and forth with tobacco, resin/incense and some smokiness from the cade...this scent satisfies my powerhouse and tobacco urges...heard this was discontinued...if so, what a shame.....this is a heavy hitter in the tobacco fragrance arena...only listed note I don't really catch is the patch...

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