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I am quite visually oriented, my eyes have a yen for design. This obscurity caught my attention whilst perusing various vintages for sale. In a moment of weakness I sprung for it, it looks so snazzy with the stylized signature of Trintignant, a famed French actor who gained stardom with his performance opposite Brigitte Bardot in Roger Vadim's And God Created Woman.

I received it, opened it, lifted the cap, and I was not dismayed at all. A green, spicy fougere with geranium, quinolines and a certain je ne sais quoi that takes my mind elsewhere, imparting a refined repose and stillness. It dries down to the most awe-inspiring oakmoss, patchouli, and vetiver. This elixir will be reserved for the most special of occasions. I don't want to squander such rare beauty.

How many other forgotten fragrant masterpieces from days of yore are waiting to be rediscovered??
9th March 2022
What an amazing spicy, earthy and austere big fragrance. Classic in the most gorgeous way with its elixir grand vibe a la Guerlain Mitsouko, Acampora Sballo or Clinique Aromatics Elixir (but in a manlier woodsier darker aromatic way). An hard to describe creation released back in 1984. This is a grand olfactory reminiscence of classics a la Cartier Santos, Caron Yatagan, Dunhill Blend 30, Fendi by Fendi, Aramis JHL, Aramis by Aramis, Gianfranco Ferrè for Men, Balenciaga Portos, Visconti di Modrone Tabacco d'harar (each one out of those jumping on mind for several of its earthy, leathery, spicy, woodsy, powdery or animalic features) and with a tad of the Molineux Captain' s aromatic complexity. This fragrance is the epitome of a glorious olfactory age with its vivid substance, its natural olfactive perception, with its earthy/leathery vintage vibe surrounded by an aromatic barber-shop background, with its luxurious leatherwears-atmosphere. Wooden smoky ambieces, fine scotch whiskies, old bookcases, leather sofà and massively framed "Risorgimental" pictures jump ideally on mind as crowded by their classy highly cultured bystanders. Jean Louis Trintignant is a barber-shop spicy-earthy take on the leather theme under my profane nose. There are hesperides, coniferous berries/needles, aromatics (lavender, clary sage?), sharp florals (carnation, geranium?), animalic resinous patterns and a huge amount of woods, earthy spices (possibly tobacco or hay in addition) and moss/labdanum in the blend. Final leather is stout and luxurious (with its sort of silky saltiness and the special texture) with its fine scotch whisky's twist provided by a cocktail of elements and with its vaguely furry aplomb. One of the classiest ever which I recommend to treasure and wear for super special occasions.
26th August 2021

I rediscovered this recently and agree with the other reviews.
I would describe it as a powdery cool pine fragrance, quite similar to Deep Forest from Bogner.
There's a lot going on and the fantastic sillage never gives up.
Wearing this is a beautiful experience.

One of a handful of masterpieces !!!
14th March 2017
great scent and worth every penny if you can find it!
8th January 2008
This is a WONDERFUL fragrance! It's very rare, hard to find, and very expensive, IF you can find it. But it's a warm, woody, powdery, slightly spicey scent with great staying power. It's not heavy but it's not light, either. It's simply a one of a kind, classy woody scent. It's really worth a try. Joshaugustt
28th October 2005