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Jean-Louis Scherrer (1979)

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Jean-Louis Scherrer by Jean-Louis Scherrer

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Jean-Louis Scherrer is a women's perfume launched in 1979 by Jean-Louis Scherrer

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Reviews of Jean-Louis Scherrer by Jean-Louis Scherrer

There are 33 reviews of Jean-Louis Scherrer by Jean-Louis Scherrer.

I guess vintage JLS eau de toilette can be seen as quite "challenging" today. I recall the perfume being rather floral and somewhat more conventional (but still quite lovely), but if any fragrance could be called "cold and bitchy" it would be JLS edt. JLS edt is simply a massive dose of bitter green galbanum, soapy aldehydes and lots of powdery orris. It's Chanel No.5 in a nasty mood. Naturally I adore this. Simple and wildly elegant, JLS edt seems to push people back, rather than draw them toward you. This is NOT a fragrance for seduction, nor is it "warm, friendly and cozy". I LOVE that!

To my untrained nose, this is like if Chanel No°19 had a little bit of Guerlain Mitsouko thrown into the mix. Slightly challenging to me whereas 19 doesn’t challenge me at all. But I feel like this one rewards me for the extra effort it takes to wear it. I told a fragrance friend of mine that to me, this is “romanticism for sapiosexuals”. I definitely feel like this is perfect for dreary, chilly, and rainy days. There’s a slight melancholy vibe, but it remains challengingly beautiful. And it’s also one of those that I’ve noticed I think about when I’m not wearing it.

An underrated green chypre classic, Jean-Louis Scherrer is sharp, bitter, ultra-verdant, yet vivacious and a bit more warm and inviting than that of others in its genre. It invites you to wander in its bed of hyacinths, grasses, weeds, wildflowers, moss-laden trees. Likewise, there is a sunniness and sonority to its opening, with only a few billowy clouds obscuring the rays, filtering the scenery, and suds lathering the greenery.

The chorus of florals lend a chord journey from dissonance to consonance, that beauty of resolve, back and forth, teetering between uncertain and melancholic to tender and reassuring. Nothing is "sweet" in its heart, at least in the usual sense (though it's surely a sweetheart): no vanilla or tonka to pacify, just the rawness of flowers, leaves, and vegetation and the earthy soil underneath.

Ever so slightly powdery in its dry down, all the woods circle in and there is a certain lull, a languor, with lingering hues of violet and orris. There is even the tiniest pinch of civet skank close to the skin, reminding us that there is animal to go along with the vegetable and mineral.

I avoid saying anything is a "must have," but for green enthusiasts, if this is not a "must have," it is definitely at least a "must try." Spectacular.

If you know your green chypres, you may find JLS reminds you of other things, Y - the mother of them all, or GIvenchy III for example.

Being based around galbanum-hyacinth and rose-jasmin-iris they tend to be similar.
But this one has a mushroomy nuance of gardenia backed with an earthy chypre base.
There's also a nice plasticky rose that rises from the pale green body to give a certain character of it's own.

Even if JLS is interchangable with others, it's still very pleasant; and whatever, any green chypre is a joy.

Steep, elegant, chiseled green chypre, tightly blended flowers, none of which stands out and a great mossy base. The light, subtle leathery impression in the base comes from animalics, amber, sandalwood ... giving it an sensuous impression of peau d'espagne. Nothing of the stark leather of Cabochard or bandit here.
Quintessentially chypresque, wonderful.

Vintage mini

I blind bought this years ago after reading all of the positive reviews, but I just could not appreciate it. Probably just the taste and generation that I am used to. I find the drier, spicy, and/or green floral scents from this era to be very challenging. I found this scent to be extremely dry, extremely sharp, and overall unpleasant. Memorable, though! Have never smelled anything quite like it.

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