Javan Rhino 
Sanctuary (2020)

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Javan Rhino by Sanctuary

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This woodsy, creamy blend mixes notes of sandalwood, sage, and tonka bean with fresh figs and crisp bergamot as a nod to the environment the Javan rhino calls home at the Ujung Kulon National Park. The soft creamy notes of rich sandalwood in unison with the green fig make for a captivating sweet-yet-earthy fragrance.

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There are 1 reviews of Javan Rhino by Sanctuary.

I really love this one. I took a gamble on it as someone who doesn't have much fig or sage in their current wardrobe (save for what sage can be found in the smoky, incense driven Purple Mantra) and discovered a warm, sweet scent that's not my typical but very enjoyable.

Sanctuary like to describe the sandalwood as creamy, and I do think that's a good word for it. The entire fragrance is very smooth and mellow. The bergamot isn't immediately detectable, and it took me a few sprays to notice it over the woods. It adds a little bit of a tart edge to it, but it would be easy to overlook. I'd also say the fig is leaning fruity, rather than green. Overall it's woody and autumnal with a touch of sweetness, and unisex in a way that skews a little masculine overall.

The only reason I'd personally be hesitant to get a full bottle is that it doesn't feel very in line with my aesthetics or the direction I'm trying to lean my fragrance wardrobe into. It's very casual and pleasant, while I like my autumn fragrances a little bit odd and gothy. I think I'd enjoy it more on someone else or in the form of a scented candle, so I could be around it without making it part of myself.

I definitely don't regret the sample, since it's fun to try it on now and then and 20% of the proceeds go towards its critically endangered namesake.

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