Jasper no Kodō fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Wild Blackberries, Copal, Palo Santo, Juniper Berries, Canadian Hemlock, Fir
  • Heart

    • Broom, Jonquil, Gardenia, Lotus, Bois Noir from Agar Aura
  • Base

    • Oakmoss, Tonka, Wild Hainan Agargwood, White Ambergris, White Kinam, Virginian Cedar

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Latest Reviews of Jasper no Kodō

I've been wearing Jasper No Kodo for the last two days from a sample I received. This is my favorite from Folkwinds of the perfumes I've tried. The only one I haven't smelled is Smuggler's Notch which sounds very nice as well.

Jasper No Kodo has so many coniferous notes listed that I had to try it, and I definitely got a very enjoyable coniferous note, mixed with blackberries in the opening that made me smile. Fir, Hemlock, and Juniper Berries. Jono, please correct me if I'm wrong, but this is Hemlock Spruce, not the poisonous flowers, correct? These coniferous notes are blended extremely well with the blackberries and the copal resin, which also has a slightly piney smell, and palo santo sandalwood...mmm...mmm! Smells wonderful! The conifers smooth down as JNK moves into the mids and picks up some very soft floral tones. In the drydown, I pick up some ambergris and perhaps a slight bit of oud, but the main notes to me through the wear are conifers, blackberries, slight florals, and ambergris.

This is a wonderful fragrance and one I could see myself wearing a lot. For those of you that are familiar with Ellen Covey's Blackbird, you know that she created a coniferous fragrance with blackberries several years ago, but also know that Jasper No Kodo smells much better than Blackbird. (This is in my opinion of course). JNK has a far more blended scent profile than Blackbird, which is overpowered by the blackberries. Jasper No Kodo is rich, but clean smelling at the same time. It is somewhat linear throughout the wear, but that works well for me as I absolutely love this scent profile and would wear the heck out of it.

Brilliant job by Jono on Jasper No Kodo! Two thumbs up as high as I can reach
29th May 2023