Jasmin Full 
Montale (2006)

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There are 11 reviews of Jasmin Full by Montale.

An ice water bucket to the senses-- this jasmine will wake you up before you're ready. It's lovely and loud and so jasminey that it's almost medicinal. Fruity and grapey and heady without being particularly creamy. The accents of orange flower raise the pitch and thin it out a bit. A licorice note provides structure after a few minutes. Love and Tears, Jasmin et Cigarette, Jasmin Rouge, and even Alien pale by comparison. The perfect jasmine for jasmine lovers. Layer it over aoud for drama.
Sep 30, 2017

An amazing opening. Just the heavenly dreamy narcotic sensuality of white flowers at their peak. Timeless joyous earthy beauty. Not particularly complex as far as it's non-floral notes go, there is a nice three dimensional variation among the floral notes of jasmine, orange blossom and honeysucke. As Jasmine Full dries down it quiets down to an extent I find a little depressing. I find myself wanting to bring it back to life applying more and more to recapture the ecstasy of it's opening...applying it again and yet again in increasingly larger doses. I hope I'm not developing a problem......
Thanks to Teardrop for her well placed enthusiam for this fragrance.

Update: January 13, 2012

My original review of this fragrance as based on my first purchased sample of same.
I have tested two additional samples from different purveyors since and with each new sample I find whatever enthusiam I had for Jasmine Full intitially to be on a serious downslide. For one thing all three samples while close enought in general character smelled significantly different in strength of individual notes, sample 2 for example was especially unpleasantly powdery sweet. Really pretty bad. One of the samples was of a much darker amber color than the other two. But worst of all I couldn't find much Jasmine in either of the new samples. Because I didn't have the foresight to save any of the original sample these tests of mine are probably even more "unscientific" than they sound. Suffice it to say that I would be be very wary about making a purchase here.
Dec 18, 2011

I absolutely adore this beautiful, clear, luminous jasmine, that soars & sings on my skin! It was love at first sniff for me, & wins hands down over every other jasmine that l've tried, including A La Nuit. l bought a full bottle, & this is what l wear in summer when l want to feel downright sexy. The first twenty minutes or so feels like delicate buds opening on a fresh bouquet of blooms, then there's wafts of honeysuckle, orange blossom & an almost minty quality, but the jasmine stays true to the real blossoms throughout. lt actually seems to become fresher & airier as the hours go by, like the dawn that follows a sultry night. The sillage & longevity are awesome. This will always be one of my very favorite fragrances. lf you love jasmine, you have to try this.
Feb 2, 2011

Montale lists jasmine, honeysuckle and orange blossom as the notes. I get mostly orange blossom and jasmine. I think it is a pleasant feminine..
Jan 23, 2011

Jasmin Full opens with a strong, clear, floral accord with a potent green streak. I'm not sure how much of the floral accord is jasmine and how much is honeysuckle or orange blossom… I think it's possible that the jasmine dominates, but however much, it is the aromatically clean, non-indole jasmine… It's pretty and quite strong at first, but it's also a bit unchallenging as floral accords go. Yes, I can see this as a fragrance that would do for a casual everyday choice, because it's the kind of fragrance a person could scarcely go wrong wearing. I think that (worn lightly) it would make a good office fragrance exactly because It IS pretty and fresh and green and uncomplicated… It does “pretty” very nicely, but “pretty” is only superficial: It needs a soul…
Feb 1, 2010

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