Jasmin fragrance notes

    • Jasmine, Orange blossom, Rose

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A really beautiful jasmine, that stays fresh and not over indolic. Great performances. Suitable all year round.
15th September 2022
This is a lovely classic jasmine that greets me in the opening blast; a jasmine more in the bright side. Not too sweet, more on the bright side, nicely structured and well-textured.

In the drydown there is initially a green slant, but soon in the backgound hints of rose leaves appear, and I get a touch of white musk in the base, but in principle this is a jasmine scent.

Sillage is moderate, projection adequate and the longevity seven hours.

A lovely jasmine created of high-quality ingredients and great for spring. 3.5/5.
29th February 2016

Another single note winner from Molinard. This is a basic jasmine, no real development. It layers beautifully. If you like to create your own scents by layering high-quality fragrance specialties and bases, these are the scents to use. This one is especially nice layered with any of the following Molinard scents: Fleur de Figuier, Muguet, Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber and/or Heliotrope.
11th February 2010
What can I say about this except that it's jasmine… almost pure and almost solo... Jasmine. I can catch some green and maybe some vetiver in there, but I don't get any other floral, nor do I get any wood notes except for the alleged vetiver. Essentially it's jasmine. As a Jasmine solo, I think that it could use some improvement. The tenor, the timbre of the jasmine note is unexciting and uninspiring. It's a bland jasmine and the most interesting thing about it is that shadow of an indole presence in its background. Not a strong indole, but it's there. Jasmine is my unquestionable favorite floral note in combination with other notes in perfumery. If this scent is indicative, jasmine must be one of those elements that work better in concert with other elements as opposed to staying in solo operations. Molinards Les Fleurs Jasmin, as most of the scents in Molinard's Les Fleurs and Les Senteurs series, is meant to be used with other Les Fleurs and Les Senteurs “solo” fragrances for personal fragrance building. For that purpose it fulfills its mission very nicely. As a solo fragrance it is mediocre, but for layering I can only vote a thumbs up – it does that job beautifully.
23rd August 2008