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Rogue Perfumery (2020)

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Reviews of Jasmin Antique by Rogue Perfumery

There are 10 reviews of Jasmin Antique by Rogue Perfumery.

It reminds me of a velvet sky with myriad of stars shining over the jasmine grove where two lovers are locked in a passionate embrace. Jasmin Antique is truly sheer beauty.it is a glorious jasmine scent with no trace of shyness or demure behavior.not clean, not light.it is sensual and powerful,elegant and provocative.

I get some indoles with the burst of jasmine,but not at concentrations that are unpleasant.in fact,i can find nothing unpleasant about this scent. heightened by spicy notes,in the end there are powdery vanilla and musk.delicious musk,by the way.it reminds me of those 80's fragrances. this isn't like alien,Alien has an interesting/attractive synthetic feeling, and it is kind of sweeter,cleaner, melds with your skin harmoniously. Jasmin Antique stands loud and doesn't blend with the skin scent,it's like a musky jasmine weapon.
Nov 21, 2021

A take no prisoners relentless grand musky/boisé spicy soliflore with a glance back to a darkly bohèmian devilish literary past. A super indolic/animalic jasmine (a la Acampora Jasmin T or Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Royal Jasmine) with a musky/spicy-chypré foundation (kind of "resinous, spicy/fruity and stuffy) and one of the most realistic floral performance I've ever experienced. Rogue Jasmine Antique encompasses by soon the wearer with a sort of mouldy (kind of ripe/rotten) "ostensibly fecal" (fortunately fleeting) vibe a la Parfum d'Empire Musc Tonkin or C&S Cuba, a twist definitely provided by the natural absolute of jasmine and probably reinforced by hints of civet, woodsy resins (hints of galbanum or cypriol oil as well?) and animalic musk (providing the typical vintage/antique/stuffy "vaguely naphthalenic/rubbery" vibe somewhat bohemian and artistic a la Areej Le Doré Ottoman Empire or Siberian Musk). The well calibrated spiciness provides a vaguely liquorous initial vibe on my skin (the cloves-presence is quite effective, especially along the initial stage), something quickly mixed with the landmark musky vintage (vaguely rubbery and finally tonkinian) presence which conveys the wearer back to a sort of parisian old flea early 900's market in a Guy de Maupassant Bel Ami's manneristic scenario. A lush non-fragrance (an atmosphere more than a structured fragrance, something starting powerful and blissfull but unfolding a short evolution) which unfortunately does not work at its best on my skin (actually the initial power soon fades and the duration is really poor on me) but which is always there ready to nourish my anxious innate "urge" of disappeared glorious seasons and virtuous "Belle Èpoque".
Apr 3, 2021

Jasmine Antique does not smell like as much of a soliflore as I was anticipating. The jasmine is a very clean, very pure, creamy-smooth, white floral, which blooms as it opens. No skank about it for me, much to my relief. However, I also get a fruity note in the opening, it's peach/apricot/nectarine, something like that, maybe even a hint of redcurrant. And not just jasmine as the floral. There's a narcissus accord that reminds me a lot of the opening of Penhaligon's Ostara; possibly a tuberose (with mentholated vibe) note as well. The drydown seems to be more of the same. It's like a chord reverberating on and on, in a rich auditory space like a cathedral, finally melting into silence.

Again, it's very well-balanced, well-blended. Really pleasant; quality ingredients. Doesn't have a vintage vibe.

It's not projecting massively, in fact it's become a skin scent after three hours, and perhaps longevity is not huge (but I'll update tomorrow). But you could always spray more, or again. This perfume doesn't need to shout to be heard. For lovers of white florals, and jasmine in particular, this one should be a must-try.

It was still on my skin in the morning, so longevity better than I thought. Also lasted even more strongly on my sleeve, including a lemony aspect. Clearly the array of notes I was smelling were the various facets of jasmine, in which case, Jasmin Antique is even more remarkable as a soliflore.

I ended buying a large sample. That's how good this is.
Nov 23, 2020

Now this is a nose grabber!

My new favourite jasmine scent does the magical thing I've always looked for in a jasmine scent; it recreates the experience of walking past a flowering jasmine bush in a mediterranean country on a late summer's eve. It scents the air around me with airy clouds of the most delectable floral scent; a touch indolic, a hint of soapiness, rich, heady, almost jammy, yet light and fresh too. It's a hyperrealistic experience that lasts all day. Every time I catch a whiff it gives me a little jolt of excitement and I want to breathe in till my lungs burst.

Interestingly, when smelled up close I detect different facets (spices, vanilla, lemon), depending on how much I spray, but in the air around me all these facets come together to form nothing but the purest jasmine impression. Wearing this makes me feel as if I'm being followed around by a jasmine bush in full bloom all day, and even the next morning I keep getting little puffs.

This is my absolute favourite from Rogue's line up, 10/10!
Sep 5, 2020

Stardate 20200815:

I am always wary of Jasmine florals cause they almost always get the balance wrong. Either too indolic or too bland. I went in expecting this to be an indolic powerhouse. Boy was I wrong. This is one of the best Jasmine solifloral I have tried. Smells like a blooming jasmine garden after rain.
Thumbs up
Aug 25, 2020

For the first fifteen minutes, this is a fruity jasmine with just a touch of indole, but not quite enough to produce that "magic marker/acetone" scent that can be so off-putting to some, & seems more present in jasmine sambac. After this, it settles into the softer, yet deeper & more floral jasmine grandiflorum that l adore. Over the next hour, a hint of powdery vanilla sweetness develops, but it's not overly sweet, & the projection is excellent. lt continues in this fashion, slowly fading close to the skin, but seven hours in it's still very much there if l put nose to skin. l should mention that l was doing vigorous housework on a warm & humid day when l tried this, so it may have burned off quicker than it might have done otherwise. l don't get any clove or musk here, but as l've said before elsewhere, l may be anosmic to certain types of musk.

l agree with others here that this is a top-notch reference jasmine, especially of the grandiflorum variety. l'm not sure it'll knock Jasmin Full off it's perch as my favourite ever jasmine fragrance, but it's pretty darned close...
Jul 17, 2020

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