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Le Labo (2006)

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Jasmin 17 by Le Labo

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Reviews of Jasmin 17 by Le Labo

There are 15 reviews of Jasmin 17 by Le Labo.

I'm slowly beginning to understand white florals. At the outset, I couldn't tell a tuberose from a neroli from a jasmine. When I tried Moonlight in Heaven by Kilian I was wondering how they made such a milky, rice-pudding smell. Now I realize how milky Jasmine can be, especially with a hint of vanilla. There's a bit of greenness and citrus here too. Strangely, when you combine that all together the overall effect is a bowl of fruit loops for some reason?

Overall the scent is fairly pleasant. Not too challenging but also not something I'm super into. Also a bit too feminine for me, so I'm going with neutral on this one, but this is something I'd be happy to smell on my girlfriend.

Jasmin 17 is another thumbs up from Le Labo, but maybe not too exciting. I agree that it might smell more like orange blossom than jasmine. I probably like this more than the leather (Cuir 28) and the vetiver (Vetiver 46), but not as much as the iris (Iris 39) or the ylang-ylang (Ylang 49).

Le Labo manages to smell modern without being too overbearing with aroma chemicals. This is a nice, simple, modern-smelling, wearable fragrance.

You're visiting the city dog pound, and you forget to bring a clothespin for your nose. You decide to carry on and suffer through it, finding the perfect (smelly) dog. When you get back to the car with your new malodorous family member, you crumble. You can't take it any longer and you need to neutralize the smell somehow. You start digging through your purse and your glovebox and you magically discover a bottle of Neroli 36 by Le Labo. Alright, so, in this moment, you think it's a good idea, but let's be frank: you're not thinking clearly. You spray it anyways, and neither you nor your doggie makes it home in one piece. Jasmin 17 by Le Labo.

An absolutely gorgeous jasmine note greets me, a classic elegant note that is as such not sweet. Soon it emanates that this is more than jasmin, with orange blossom and sandalwood added in the drydown. Later vanilla kicks in and this adds sweetness to the later stage of the development. This scent is made of high-quality ingredients and very well and smoothly blended. Poor silage but adequate projection, with a longevity of four hours. A great jasmine fragrance that is perfect for spring.

With a delicate presentation of a potentially bombastic note, Le Labo has created a lovely jasmine fragrance. Albeit via an orange blossum route I suppose.

After an initial burst of sweetness and headiness from a wonder orange blossum note, this one shifts gears and softens up. There is jasmine, but it is delicate, and I do not detect indoles to any significant extent. It is almost the fragrance akin to the taste of jasmine tea, gentle and subtle but present.

The drydown is close wearing, continuing the soft and gentle approach. Wisps of vanilla and musk, warm smelling.

A lovely jasmine fragrance if you like soft and pretty florals.

A lovely orange blossom fragrance. Jasmine and vanilla are supporting players and keep the orange blossom sweet and non-indolic. Great longevity, huge sillage. I like it a lot but you better love orange blossom if you consider getting it.

Jasmin 17 is a well made deep, rich, powdery sweet jasmine. It is not transparent, floral or light. At first I wasn't crazy about it and I couldn't trace any citrus notes. Maybe it was the humidity or the temperature but today after a couple of hours I get a tart orange accord that is quite nice. Previously I thought there was a vanilla accord now I think that impression was due to the overall sweetness. In any case, this is an olfactory creation, not overpowering and intoxicating as Jasmin Noir. Pleasant alas not great.

Le Labo continues to amaze me with their beautiful simplicity and their workshop-based concepts. Jasmin 17, although not anything outstanding is polite, refined and smooth. Everything that a jasmine soliflore should be.

Sarrasins by Serge Lutens is still my favourite jasmine scent, however when Sarrasins is too dark and rich for Summer, that's where Jasmin 17 comes in. This fragrance is a pretty concoction of light, transparent jasmine, a hint of orange blossom and milky vanilla.

Subtle and fresh, and in some ways innocent, Jasmin 17 is nothing loud or irritating, just delicate jasmine blooms resting softly on the skin. This fragrance is fairly linear, the only development being the appearance of the musk in the drydown.

Like I mentioned before, simplicity is what I admire from this fragrance house. Jasmin 17 goes to show that extreme measures don't need to be taken in order to achieve something lovely and fresh.

The scent also feels rather natural on the skin. There's a definite sweetness in Jasmin 17 that is most likely the result of the jasmine and vanilla blending together rather than a saccharine additive.

This fragrance lasts considerably well and the sillage is moderate, not too strong nor too soft. I highly recommend this fragrance to floral lovers and jasmine fanatics alike.

Tried this today and thought it was wonderful. I normally steer clear of anything with a recognisable jasmine note to it, but the Le Labo version is lovely to my nose. It starts off with a subtle citrus note and them seems to develop a sort of green tea freshness. This may well disappoint hard core jasmine lovers, but for me it's the first jasmine that I've found that I know I will go back and purchase.

As ever, a completely different smell on my friend, though equally loved by her for other reasons.

I agree:

… that in the opening I smell more neroli (and orange blossom) than jasmine;
…that Jasmin 17 is fresh, gentle, and lovely;
…that there is a whispering sensuality hiding beneath the prettiness.

This is not the way I usually prefer jasmine. I prefer the indole laden, no-holds-barred jasmine. But Jamin 17 presents a strong essence of non-indolic jasmine in such a diaphanous way that I can't help but admire its purity, sensuality, and its transparency.

…such a lovely, delicate presentation of such an imposing force.

Jasmine? Neroli, more like it! Which makes three neroli/orange blossom fragrances in Le Labo's range. I don't even like the sickly sweet smell of neroli...

It is with extreme sadness I type this commentary, as my hope for this jasmine has been crushed. I adore indolic florals. Never have they come to my nose smelling like "mothballs", that is, until now. Jasmin 17 begins sweetly, and similarly to Diptyque's Olene. Within only minutes after spritzing, starts to give off that mothball/ashtray sort of smell. The prettiest components of this juice vanish too soon, leaving the mothball/ashtray odor to morph into it's final repugnance: the smell of gingivitis. I know, it's not nice, but it's true. The smell of unhealthy (almost rotting) gum tissue. It permeates. I have never smelled a perfume quite like this one.

Jasmin 17, youthful and feminine.It begins with bright fresh notes of Neroli Bigarade, Orange Flower and Litsea Cubeba... crisp green and slightly citrus.. completely unexpected and uncharacteristic of a traditional Jasmine perfume... As the sharp awakening notes calm, beautiful chords of fresh blooming Jasmine diffuse to the top... softly enveloping the citrus angles leveling off to a full bodied yet fresh Jasmine heart... Sweet, but gentle, white, and delicate...As it continues to dry down slight oriental mid-tones of Amber, Sandalwood, and musk seep through the elegant floral body quietly blending into a powdery whiteness...Fresh, feminine, sensual, and easily wearable by all.

Maurice took another route in fragrance making. A white flower scent, but he left a trail of powdery notes behind. Its a fresh white flower scent with woody, sweet and musky notes. Drys down as a gentle floral. Men love it on me!!

This is the sexy cousin to Prada's infusion D'Iris, and oh, so much more up my street. Jasmine is usually dirtier, so it's quite something that this perfume presents it to us in a cleaner, veil-like way. It is this very quality that makes Jasmin 17 so seductive; the sense of anticipation and knowledge that the carnal nature of true Jasmine is concealed, with just two milky petals showing under a silk blouse.

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