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Jasmal by Creed

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Jasmal is a women's perfume by Creed

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Reviews of Jasmal by Creed

There are 20 reviews of Jasmal by Creed.

This is a lovely jasmine composition. The jasmine is present right form the start, is rich but elegantly restrained and never sets a foot wrong.

In the early stages the bergamot adds a fresh touch, being in the background on my skin at least. This is never a refreshing creation.

In the drydown the ambergris - often used by Creed - is present indeed, but is is smoother and softer than in many other products of this House.

Towards the ends, a gentle woodsy impression together with whiffs of galbanum add another pleasant twist to this Jasmin-centred mix.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

A delightful Jasmin scent with a few uplifting touches, ideal for spring and blended well of high-quality ingredients. 3.25/5.

Smelling this, all I can think of is vintage Diorissimo. Seriously, this is way more about lily of the valley than jasmine, to my nose. It's a little green, with just a touch of indole, becoming slightly creamy after the first couple of hours. At this point, it settles very close to the skin, & four hours in it's pretty much gone.
From reading other reviews here, I can see I'm not the only one having longevity issues with this one. It's very pretty, & I think it might be lovely in spring, but its lack of tenacity is disappointing. I much prefer its richer, more oriental sister, Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie, & her delicious sandalwood drydown.

Genre: Floral

This is a very sweet, luxuriant jasmine right from the start. Jasmal is much more nocturnal and suggestive in nature than Creed's older Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie. It's a sultry, heady, and exotic jasmine, blooming on a warm tropical night. Sandalwood makes itself known in the heart, giving the composition some depth, and the sweet musky drydown is seductive and mysterious. Not bad, though not all that unusual, either.

Jasmine fragrance typical of Creed florals in its transparence; it is strong but clear. Jasmal has a load of green leafiness, thanks to galbanum in the formula. There is also a pronounced honey note, as if it were able to draw bees to its nectar. The difference between this and pure jasmine absolute is that Jasmal has removed a great deal of the fruit-candy aroma that is naturally present in the absolute. Jasmal is actually more sheer.
(No to be confused with Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie, which has lots of vanilla and is creamy, making it less typical of Creed florals in general, and more oriental in nature.)

I really don't find the indolic jasmine that others mention. The opening is not appealing, but it is interesting for the fact that it does hold together some opposing elements. The topnotes , while not smelling of jasmine to me, are sharp and arid, yet green and crisp and a bit urinous.

I spent a brief paragrapsh on the topnotes. Let me be more concise with the next two and give a snapshot of the complexity and charm of the perfume in its heart and basenotes.

Gets soapy.

Smells like inexpensive lily of the valley.

I used to try to understand Creed, and felt that I just wasn't a Creed customer. Knowing that their concept ('the esteemed house of Creed') and their representation of the company strike a nerve in me, I've given them more benefit of the doubt than I otherwise would have. I'm revising my opinion. I simply don't think that the bulk of the Creed fragrances I've tried are very good. The compositions are unfocussed, often derivative and evolution of the fragrances tends to be unengaging.

To end on a positive note, I really do like Irisia.

Jasmal is probably the best jasmine centered eau de cologne type fragrance I've yet to smell. The quality of the jasmine is crisp, warm, a bit indolic, and aristocratic. Jasmal employs jasmine, galbanum, and ambergris in the classic style of early Creeds. Jasmal reminds me of the "eau de jasmin" favored by Comte d'Orsay--namesake of Parfums d'Orsay. Jasmal is head and shoulders above any designer or niche jasmine I've yet to smell. The ambergris here is not the millesime accord found in most newer creeds, but rather a warm, animalic tone in the base. The opening is a bit sweet, but the jasmine itself is just dry enough to keep my attention. The galbanum imparts a light amber tonality. I think Jasmal, along with the much older Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie should be smelled by any jasmine lover or perfume historian. In summary, I would say that Jasmal is a beautiful jasmine soliflore with all the traditional (Belle Epoch French that it) trimmings.

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